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Post  Ski on Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:31 pm

To all members:

This forum is meant to be a way of communicating between players/teams, keeping up with what other teams/players are doing in the soccer community, having good natured fun, and of course, expressing your opinion.

As a board, we have taken a stance of a hands off policy(almost) when it comes to the forum. On occasion, the administrators must step in and edit/delete posts or members, because of what we think is stepping over the line. Just abide by these simple rules and you should be fine:

  • Use your judgement when posting. Most of what is written is what is intended to be a good natured joke, do not take it personally.
  • Keep the threadkillers to minimum. There is no need to kill a thread everytime you log on. Doing this will result in being banned from the forum.
  • Keep it clean. No vulgarity please.
  • All users must supply their real name as their user name. Unless, the user name is known by most of the users. i.e. Ski is Bryan Staniszewski, Heshaldo is Dave Hesch. Nothing anonymous or we may delete the unknown user

If, as a member, you follow these rules, this forum will be better than the last one we have had for many years.

Thank you.

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