Looking for a team this summer...

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Looking for a team this summer...

Post  Mattg716 on Thu May 19, 2011 1:22 pm

Hey everybody,

My name is Matt Greco, I know alot of you in the BDSL know me already, but I am moving back to the Buffalo area from Florida and was looking for a team to join this summer. Im 24 years old, I played 2 years for Grand Island a couple years back and over the past year played in a highly competitive league down here in Florida with college and international players. I play outside-mid primarily so I like to run but can really play anywhere (except keeper) and can play a full 90 min. I can make any pass on the field as I led my team down here in assists for the season and am real good taking set pieces. Anyway, I know rosters have already been turned in so im sure there is an additional fee to pay to get on a team but thats no problem, just looking to play competitive soccer this summer. If you have a spot on your roster please email me at mattgreco7@gmail.com or call me at 716-491-4948.



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