Buffalo Celtic - the last 2 days.

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Buffalo Celtic - the last 2 days. Empty Buffalo Celtic - the last 2 days.

Post  Celtic#9 on Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:52 am

Buffalo Celtic played 2 Tehel cup games on back to back days. The first game was against the Hawks at the Clarence Soccer center on Wednesday night. Celtic showed with 12 while the Hawks had 11. Not sure if the Hawks have a player over the age of 22. I can assure you that is not the case for Buffalo Celtic. We held the majority of possession early on after deciding to press and close down space high up the field. The tactic did not yield a goal and we decided to defend deep in our own half after that. Our first goal was scord by Nick Rosart after he beat (with a fortunate bounce) 2 Hawks defenders. First half 1-0 Buffalo Celtic. The Hawks pressed in the 2nd half with the vast majority of possession (80-20 percent), but could not break down our defense. 2nd goal was scored directly from a corner by yours truly. The corner was supposed to be outswinging (left footed). It was "mishit" and caught the keeper cheating to the spot. When we tried to catch it, he dropped it in the goal. Final: 2-0 Buffalo Celtic.

On to Thurday....

Buffalo Celtic v Lakeside at the Clarence Soccer center. Celtic started the game with 10 while Lakeside had 11 ( I think). Lakeside then had 3 or 4 more show shortly after kickoff. Celtic got our 11th about 20 minutes in. First half was pretty even (Lakeside had the majority of the possession). 0-0 at the half. 2nd half was a bit different. I have to admit we started to run out of gas, but we defended like you do when you think you might be able to get a result in the end. An example: we conceded 14 corners. Kurt Schulz won just about every one of them. Lakeside probed and pushed and hit the bar on nice shot from outside the box but found it difficult to break us down. After 90, 0-0. In the first 5 of extra time, a ball was played into the box and I believe Pete Marlette knocked it down to an unmarked teammate in the box to smash it in from about 15. Yes, we were playing for PK's at that point but almost got an equalizer in the dying minutes of the 2nd 5 of extra time. Final 1-0 Lakeside in OT.

To my teammates that played in both games: I'm proud of the fight and determination you showed in back to back games. Well done boys!!


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Buffalo Celtic - the last 2 days. Empty Re: Buffalo Celtic - the last 2 days.

Post  CoachTRK on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:14 am

John - there are no 22 year olds on the Hawks, FYI - LOL. Congrats on the efforts and see you guys in a few weeks....


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