Devils 2 - Elbow Soup 0 (Wood Cup Final)

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Devils 2 - Elbow Soup 0 (Wood Cup Final) Empty Devils 2 - Elbow Soup 0 (Wood Cup Final)

Post  rjmjr1115 on Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:02 am

0-0 at the half...not many chances by either side. Second half saw the Devils go up 1-0 on a header near the goal line that was punched in the air by the keeper only to come down just shy of the goal when Tim Mack dove and headed the ball in. Second goal came not long after on a good break to the net with a one-two pass Tim Mack neeted his second in the corner of the net. Chop missed a PK to go up 3, and Soup had a few chances go just wide in the last half of the second which would have made it a much different game. Good game by both teams, much respect to Elbow Soup. Great job Kenmore Devils on notching our 1st Wood Cup. Drinks were had afterwards at Goodbar in celebration!


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