Sporting Roos - 6 Marquart - 0

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Sporting Roos - 6 Marquart - 0 Empty Sporting Roos - 6 Marquart - 0

Post  DrewMaloney on Fri May 03, 2013 1:13 am

Sporting Roos showed up for their first game in BDSL in a big way. Looking sharp in their yellow and green Admirals, right off the jump the Roos outclassed Marquart, who apparently are trying to model their team after BSC Raiders, opting for Blue Hanes T-shirts. Unfortunately for Marquart, that is where the similarities between them and BSC ended... Didn't take long for J. Lombardo to find the back of the net in his BDSL debut. A beautiful strike from just outside the 18 that ended upper 90. Giving the Roos a 1-0 advantage. There were times where Marquart put some pressure on the Roos back line, but K. Meegan and Roo Keeper A. Bratos quelled any chance they had. Roo vet G. Schuler came to play today. Playing an unfamiliar outside midfield position sent a crossed that carried in the wind, right into the back of the net. Marquart keeper did have a great game. The score does not reflect his skill. Had it not been for his quality, the score line could have been doubled. Including a PK that he saved. Great shot but he got off the line so fast, it was extremely impressive. He got hung out to dry on most goals, out of the 6 I only recall 1 he probably should have had, he did really make some nice saves. Halftime saw a score of 2-0 in favor of Roos. The second half spelled disaster for Marquart. Created minimal chances and Roos took advantage. Scoring 4. O. Gildo put 2 away (should have been 3 but he missed a glorious opportunity). Z. Thomas scored one and G. Schuler put a second one away.

Game was chippy from start to finish. Frustration clearly set in for Marquart who grabbed the jersey of any Roo in their general area. #22 on Marquart was particularly garbage. Horrible challenges, a foolish yellow, out to hurt guys. Typical guy we don't need in this league. I'd equate his soccer skills to his tattoo decision making. Not good. Did like his earrings though, fancy lad. Marquart had some good guys on their team. Number 10 and 3 specifically, keeper was a good dude but outside of that they seemed like some bros who after getting shellacked would pull Queenston and be like "Yeah, they scored 6 but they weren't that good, we could have easily won that." I COULD be wrong... but I doubt it.

The ref squad was the absolute worst I've ever seen in all my years........... JK. They were all great. Hell will freeze over before T. George refs a bad game. He really, as always, did a great job.

Shout out to Dan Pelgrin, Butcher of Buffalo, Jake Rougeux, Den Rich, John Siefert, and a very special shout out to Jamee Marsala. Who all predicted Roos to lose to Marquart. Better luck in next years predictions bros. All your teams are garbage. I would say I look forward to meeting you in Tehel Cup, but Marsala's team is already out, BSC International has no chance, if they happen to rat by Raptors it'll be a murder show when they face Roos FC. Wolfpack.... seriously... Butcher of Buffalo, Steve or Frank I'll slap both of you and I don't know who you other people are but my guess is you don't matter.

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