Rush FC - 4 Sporting Roos - 0

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Rush FC - 4 Sporting Roos - 0 Empty Rush FC - 4 Sporting Roos - 0

Post  DrewMaloney on Fri May 24, 2013 11:13 am

Missing 2 of our top players we knew this game wouldn't be easy. Field was pretty good and it only rained for 15-20 minutes, so that wasn't bad. Although the slick surface seemed to affect Roos more so than Rush. I think they had some sort of compound on their cleats to negate the effects of a wet ball. I am calling for an investigation by the league.

We chose to play an extremely defensive formation with only 1 striker. A poor foul right outside the 18 and a quick restart which Roos were not ready for had Rush up 1-0 about 5 minutes in. Didn't take much longer for Rush to score 2 more times. I'd say within the next 10 minutes. After that Roos settled down. The rest of the half was fairly even. Rush was awarded the worst PK anyone has ever seen. It was just baffling. I think secretly they knew they didn't deserve it (not even secretly, as their GK was befuddled himself) so K. Au did the classy thing and missed it.

First half ended 3-0 to Rush. In the second half it looked as though Rush was going to put another 5 away. But Roos regrouped after the first 5 minutes and I think started to really take it to Rush. We had a few opportunities and O. Gildo probably should have put 1 or 2 away but Rush GK played great. Late in the half a bad pass by yours truly at half saw Rush counter to put the 4th goal away. And that's how it ended. Rush is a quality team and with numbers they should do well against any opponent. And outside of J. Au they are good guys. JK J. Au, you know I love you.

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