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Energy (Gas & Electric) discounts... Empty Energy (Gas & Electric) discounts...

Post  rjmjr1115 on Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:26 am

I'm throwing this out there....
...I'm doing some work for Ambit Energy (energy retailer)...if anyone wants to switch and save on their gas and electric...(which still is provided by National Fuel & Grid...and any issues still go through them)...your cost of utilities would go through Ambit, which would save you anywhere from 7% first year, and 1% after that. Not to mention that you get reward points for your general usage which can be turned in for trips, cruses, vacations etc. There is a website which tracks all of this for you. Think of it as a bonus card for stuff you use anyways. Its a seamless transition...same bill, even if you have balanced billing, it all stays the same. No fees, hidden costs...just a slight discount and perks for the future. If anyone has the slightest interest in this...write me back. Or make the switch yourself at : (it takes about 5mins to do)

..not to mention, if your a customer and you refer 15 people over will get a check covering your electric bill for life (pending everyone stays with Ambit).

..any questions, feel free to write me.


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