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Post  Raider9726 on Wed May 07, 2014 5:43 pm

I can hardly contain my excitement for this upcoming Over 35 season! One of the perennial championship contenders/winners, Valicella, appears to have dissolved, but the players didn't go away.  A lot of talent on that team now being redistributed throughout this extremely large division can only cause chaos.  Here's my predictions from last to first for this upcoming summer:

5. Oranje - These guys appear to remain intact from last year, but is that a good thing?  They did finish in last place with 1 win to show for, so I'm not sure if this team is out to have a good time, or contend for the title.  They're also all one year older so...wait that doesn't apply here.  Carl Conte, a former NS Alliance player, has joined this team as well, so he may be used to losing.  Goalkeeper Steve Hobbs has left the team, so I'm not sure if that helps or hurts.

4. Azzurri - Another team with little to no turnover who had a less than stellar season last year.  I'm going to admit I know none of these names and am penciling them in 4th place because it's roughly where they finished last year.  The Keller's played for Haz Benz last year, which stands true to almost all participants of this league.

3. WS United - WS United was pretty average last year, as in 3-3-3.  I'd be foolish to have them finish any where lower than 3rd or any where higher than 3rd.  Key additions this year to yet another team with little to no turnover are Brendan "Mower" Lawn and Aaron "Granny" Smith.  The heart and soul of this team is easily Rick Couell, bringing his premiership experience to the O35 league.

2. Aliens - These guys were terrible last year, but this is certainly the team to watch this summer.  Aliens is basically Aliens&Valicella, as they've added the BUSS crew, Jaroslaw "Coldslaw Slob" Sloboda, my personal favorite point guard in Jimmy Hughes, LP1, Epic Center's legend in Marcello Troncone and Gianfranco "I'm definitely not Italian...just kidding, I'm Italian" Gallo.  They've also retained some of the core players in Andy "Tal" Bachman, Nicolas "God Bless You" Penchaszadeh, and Obi "One" Okeke.  I like these guys to have a massive turnaround this year and contend for the title.

1. Bluestars - I'm taking a risk here because the roster hasn't been released yet, but I'm guessing this team is hardly much different from their 2013 side, based on how this league seems to operate in terms of player turnover (aside from #2).  If so, their squad is yet again the one to beat.  Talent everywhere, with a sprinkle of Chelsea, Rush, Celtic and Lakeshore.  

Finals Prediction: Aliens gel by the end of the season and upend Bluestars 2-1.

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Post  CoachTRK on Fri May 16, 2014 7:10 pm

Will reserve comment on the other 4 teams.
Oranje`; fortified their central defense and striker depth. GK change is based on co- captain Paul Welkers recommendation. Expecting a more well rounded keeper to man the nets for the ORanje [no disrespect to Hobbs - whos shot stopping was still strong or Delisle]
Play for fun is the mantra of the division. Its rather fun to be involved in the technical ability of these matches, most teams match up athletically which is the reason for choosing Friday nights.
Next year might bounce up to 7 teams - just putting it out there. OUT Coach TRK


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