Tonawanda United 6, WNY United 1

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Tonawanda United 6, WNY United 1 Empty Tonawanda United 6, WNY United 1

Post  enrique14150 on Thu May 15, 2014 9:58 pm

Before you draw many conclusions from our start to our season - realize that all 3 games have featured me in net.

Tonight felt like a fall game - we played the first 30 minutes short 2 guys, in a muddy mess that might've made the guys on the Somme sympathetic.  TU did a good job putting shots in the far corners (mostly Andy Haskill, he did a great job on those), from which I had an impossible time jumping off the muck to try and save.  One was a PK - I noticed what side he was going, I got there, but not in time.

But once we had a full 11, against their 4 or 5 subs - the rest of the way was 1-1.  Most of the second half was in their end, I had little to do.  We put a couple shots off the post, the TU keeper had to make some really nice saves.  We started working the wings and getting some good through-balls for our forwards.  Brad Fedele gave us something on the scoreboard near the end, one of those cross/shots that tagged the opposite top corner.  Very tough to deal with for the keeper.

We came away thinking: if our team is there, we're okay.  Everyone there tonight battled well and moved the ball around like we want to. Scrounging up an eventual 11 is just part of the magic of playing a cup game.  That and worrying about how sick I might get tonight, I spent a lot of time lying in foul smelling mud.

One of our guys was late because he had to stop at Dick's Sporting Goods on the way - some local lowlifes stole his cleats from his porch. It was that kind of night.


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