Queenston's Cup Conquering Quest still Cognizant; capture conquest 3-0

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Queenston's Cup Conquering Quest still Cognizant; capture conquest 3-0

Post  Raider9726 on Fri May 30, 2014 12:14 pm

Tried my best Clarence Coyote topic line - I'll give myself a solid B mostly on effort.  I did cheat though using a thesaurus (online of course).

On to the game - Veteran's park was mowed and believe me when I say this, a massive upgrade from the Fort in terms of pitch conditions.  So if Sporting Roos weren't impressed with the facility, you won't believe what the Fort was like.  Sporting Roos wore these really weird yellow and green 'hoops' jerseys, so we went to our alternate grays.

Sporting Roos showed with 15 I believe (although that number would be reduced to 14 intermittently due to minor injuries that kept some guys off the field here and there), and Queenston had the same, that is until the 75th minute when our 16th arrived (true story).

The initial 2-3 minutes were owned by Sporting Roos - they made their way into our defensive third on maybe two occasions, and ripped a few shots towards Netter but with little impact.  The next FORTY minutes would more or less be controlled by Queenston, keeping a high back line and creating quasi breakaways consistently.  However, Queenston did not bring their finishing shoes to the game yesterday, as it seemed every glorious opportunity was either stoned by a very impressive goalie in Alex Bratos, or shots were just wide.  Aside from that, it seemed like Sporting Roos were just in the way so to speak - which is credit to their defensive effort.  Plenty of times they got beat, but on almost all occasions, they worked themselves collectively back into the play, even if that meant Schiappa getting a yellow card for basically pulling down Noah Rougeux's pants in an effort to stop him.  Seeing that we had a bigger, faster team, we thought the goals would pile up in the first half, but they just didn't.  0-0 heading into half time.

We got the feeling that we were wearing down Sporting Roos by this point, but the first 5 minutes or so of the second half saw the Roos with a new born life, creating things from the midfield.  Quite often they tried testing our outside backs with passes dumped in the corners, but that didn't go over so well.  We gave Zack Thomas and the center mid crew WAY too much room to operate at times, which allowed Sporting to apply some pressure forward at times, but ultimately a good piece of defensive work would foil the build up.

Queenston would strike first (finally) around the 60-65' mark when Curtis Dorian played a beautiful ball from the left wing equal to just inside the 18' extended and actually found yours truly wide open.  I decided to place the header back post on the left side and it worked.  (Bratos was stopping shots near side or straight at him all game up to this point). For the past few months or so, I've been seriously contemplating legally changing my name to Cristiano Ronaldo and never pulled the trigger. This was positive confirmation that I must do this like right now. 1-0 Queenston, Ronaldo, from Dorian.

This temporarily lighted a fire under the Roos to attempt to get back into the game, as their tenacity picked up.  First it started with some nice one touch passes in the midfield, and then it eventually led to a golden scoring chance.  For the first time in what seems like ages, someone had a clear 1v1 breakaway with just the goalie to beat against our back 4, and boy did he make a mess out of the chance.  I think Netter would've saved it anyway, because he just does that sort of stuff, but I mean this kid kicked the ball straight over the net and then I think over the fence of the adjacent softball field.

Not to be outdone, Queenston immediately responded with a breakaway of our own, which found George Todino alone with the goalie, and he beat the goalie for sure, but clanked it off the cross bar - I think the power of the shot actually tilted the goal because it was just about as loud as that stupid fire alarm that went off again at our game.  I've previously mentioned in past posts how irked I get from that noise; yesterday was no different.

By the 75' minute, Sporting seemed to tire out for good, and just at that very moment, our offensive minded midfielder Miguel Rodrigues showed up and immediately went to work.  He created from the top of the 18 on a couple of occasions, and it led to a pass outward to Andrew Donner, who clanked another ball off the post, but Rodrigues was there for the clean up work.  About 7 minutes later or so, as Queenston continued to find more breakaways, Miguel Rodrigues found Andrew Donner again, who hot dogged it down the left side and finished with a pretty right footed flick to the far corner.  3-0 was the score, and that's how it'd end.

Sporting Roos' effort was excellent; I refuse to say anything bad about a team that genuinely tries.  I hear they were missing a key player or two, but if Queenston finished their shots on this day, this game could have been pretty ugly.  Still, there's enough quality on the Roos' side to see them stay in the Championship division come season's end, especially if their GK has another clean sheet run that surpassed at least 240 consecutive minutes.

Final shot count: Queenston 30, Sporting Roos 2
Possession: Queenston 64%, Sporting Roos 36%
Sandbaggers: Drew Maloney, for saying he wouldn't be in attendance at the game, but was seen at the park @ approximately 5pm.

Queenston FC takes on FCB Revs in the next round on 6/19/14, 3 days prior to our meeting with the same team on 6/22/14 in regular season play.

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Re: Queenston's Cup Conquering Quest still Cognizant; capture conquest 3-0

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Sat May 31, 2014 10:31 pm

Fittingly enough, I'll give you a C for the headline (your game summaries would consistently earn A's).  Cognizant doesn't fit in that spot, and I'm not sure that a conquest itself can be captured.  You capture an adversary via conquest but you don't capture a conquest itself.  You'd probably either want to capture the contest or culminate the Sporting Roo conquest--take your pick.  As for a replacement for cognizant, possibly coherent, although that might be a stretch.  Not that headlines like these are supposed to be entirely stretch-free, heh.  Coherent literally refers to things that are physically intact...but it's hardly ever used non-abstractly these days (the coherence or lack thereof of arguments has to account for 80% of usages of the words as of 2014).  An argument being coherent is one thing, but a quest that is still attainable? Eh, not sure. Edit to say that conceivable would be a better choice.

As for Polonia, apparently we forfeited.  I'll now write a short sarcastic summary of that

Matt Marcin...z

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