PLYSA Toros 2 - 2 Orchard Park Quake (Toros W in PK's)

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PLYSA Toros 2 - 2 Orchard Park Quake (Toros W in PK's) Empty PLYSA Toros 2 - 2 Orchard Park Quake (Toros W in PK's)

Post  jajajaaames on Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:43 am

Ended up being a perfect night for soccer -- just a cool enough breeze and perfect for us as we had a season-low of 12 guys for the game. Toros went up 1-0 midway through the first half on a ball that squeaked by the goal line straight off the crossbar. OP tied it up shortly before the half after we were unable to clear the box after several attempts following a nice cross from the right side of the field. Second half about 20 minutes in OP took the lead following a miscommunication between the keeper and the backline, and a goal that looked eerily similar to our first and crossed the goal line by about three inches after hitting the crossbar as well. Toros tied it up with about 10 minutes to go on a shot from a tough angle from Drew Colosimo. Our fatigue set in toward the end of the game and we gave up a little too much space in the midfield, giving OP a couple nice opportunities which we were able to recover from. Overtime went back and forth with a couple chances for both sides, eventually settling into PK's which the Toros won before the fifth player was able to shoot for either side, Ricky Mullen coming up with a couple big saves.

Pretty even and clean game throughout. OP is a good group of guys to play against and we wish you guys the best of luck with the rest of your D2 matches.


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PLYSA Toros 2 - 2 Orchard Park Quake (Toros W in PK's) Empty Re: PLYSA Toros 2 - 2 Orchard Park Quake (Toros W in PK's)

Post  spfallon9432 on Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:12 pm

Agree with your recap almost verbatum.. Tough loss for us as I felt the Quake had no less than 5 golden opportunities to win this one in those final 10-15 minutes where it definitely appeared Toros ran out of gas. Couple of bad hops on full blown breakaways that led to either easy to save shots at the keeper or misses wide kept this game locked at 2 going into overtime where i agree it it looked fairly even for the 2 five minute. All in all though we have no excuse to be missing on breakaways so im not taking anything away from Toros who played a good game overall. We've struggled mightily in the center of the field without our top two center mids and are giddy with joy to have them close to returning!

Good luck with rest of Wood Cup and your season - I would be shocked to see you guys lose a game in D3 you have talent worthy of D1 up front and in the midfield for sure. Expect to see you guys move up to D2 next year! Cheers


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