Tehel Cup Predictions - Round of 16

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Tehel Cup Predictions - Round of 16

Post  Raider9726 on Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:15 pm

Time to re-start a prediction thread from this point moving forward, after we learned a bit from the opening round and Round of 32:

6/12/14 BUSS vs. Rush FC: This will mark the second consecutive season in which these two foes match up in the Tehel Cup in the round of 16.  BUSS were winners last year on the road 3-1. I was puzzled by the Rush/Elbow Soup score from the first round, thinking Rush would really crush the Soup, especially since they're currently mopping up the Championship division much like they always do this time of year.  Meanwhile, BUSS has looked very strong in the early go with their premier schedule, although again, the BUSS 2, Lykan 0 result wasn't convincing.  Perhaps these two teams play close to the vest, but I see BUSS emerging victorious for a 2nd consecutive year, this time 2-1.

6/12/14 Azzurri vs. Lazio : Maybe this game really isn't played this Thursday, as both teams utilize Nichols as their home field on Sundays which isn't available during the week, but I'm going to assume they do play.  Lazio has been the most impressive team in the BDSL this year; losers of none in their premier fixtures and a massive win over BSC Raiders back on 5/29.  Because of this, it's hard to pick against them really from this point out.  Azzurri is a better team than they were last year, but I think that only tallies them 1 goal in this contest.  3-1 Lazio, as Justin Wainwright and Anthony Johnson face off against a team they once played for.

6/12/14 Lakeshore Select vs. Roos FC: Lakeshore Select hasn't lost a game since their season opener this year, so it's possible the new additions to their team are starting to gel with their mainstays on the roster.  That's a good thing for Select, as parts of their starting lineup have some flaws, while other areas from what I remember were really solid.  Meanwhile, the Roos have shown no blemishes to their record yet; arguably their best start ever as an organization.  The Roos are a very similar team to Lakeshore in my opinion, but I'd say their quality is slightly better in the midfield and back, and definitely stronger up top.  I'm going to give Roos the nod 2-1 down at the beach.

6/19/14 Celtic United vs. Celtic: These two sister clubs have already faced off against one another during Week 1 of this season, that game going to Celtic 3-0.  Neither roster has changed that substantially from last year either, so it's also worth pointing out that Celtic won last year's Premier league final 2-0 in OT.  Two different games, but one constant here: 0 goals allowed from Celtic.  Mentally, this may be tough for Celtic United to overcome.  Also, I've picked up on the fact that Celtic United has struggled to find more than 12-13 guys to show up to Thursday Tehel Cup games.  If you recall, this team was taken into OT last year by FC Buffalo Reserves in a 6-5 thriller, and then escaped via PK's this season against Amherst Raptors.  I can't see enough quality players showing up for this affair, so I'm going to go with Celtic 2, Celtic United 0.  Celtic will also be short some of their normal players, at least that's my prediction.

6/19/14 Celtic Hoops vs. Lakeside FC: Celtic Hoops is one of two First division teams remaining, after a somewhat impressive win over sister club Buffalo Celtic last round while playing down a man due to a red card.  Lakeside FC however is a different beast; especially now that they just defeated The Beast, they've become part beast.  Lakeside apparently performs its best during cup runs; winners a few years back, a runner up showing last year, and I think they can make another run this year if they continue the trend of knocking off a big team during the Round of 8.  They'll be there, with a 5-0 stomping over the Hoops.

6/19/14 FC Yemen vs. Lykan FC: This is the second Tehel Cup rematch from the previous year taking place in the same round this year.  Last season, Lykan went into the cage and took out FC Yemen 3-1 after Yemen had eliminated Clarence the round before.  This year is no different, as they'll have to re-enter the Cage yet again to advance.  What has changed this year are each teams' rosters.  FC Yemen is basically a mix of last year's Yemen Elite players who didn't make the Elite roster this year along with probably the better half of FC Yemen's previous roster.  They're still the team to beat in Division 1 in my opinion this year.  On the flip side, Lykan FC has yet to score a goal in regular season play, but did tally 7 against an apparently undermanned Hamburg Monarch squad this past Thursday.  I'm thinking the 7 goals is an outlier.  I expect a close game, but FC Yemen emerging victorious by the score of 3-2, in OT.

6/19/14 Queenston FC vs. FC Buffalo Revs: FC Buffalo Revs have began this season in a much similar fashion as last season, which isn't exactly what they wanted.  Close games, not many goals scored, but ultimately, a lot of losses.  Their results have been all over the place lately: a loss to Sporting Roos, a draw to Buffalo Celtic and a win against Polonia in the waning seconds.  They also squeaked by SPAL from the 1st division.  All in all, it's hard to understand, but I think it seems to be a yo-yo team that'll belong either in Championship or First Division depending on the roster that shows on a given day.  Queenston has shaken off some demons recently by getting past the opening round for the 1st time since 2011.  Currently, they have yet to lose a game in all 5 contests played, but have found themselves dropping points this year in games they tended to win last season.  The defense has been stout, but the offense has lagged at times without injured vet Justin Sims.  This game will be played up at the Vet, so it might pose availability problems for the Revs.  I'm predicting another 3-0 victory here for Queenston.  The thought process is, Sporting Roos beat Revs, Queenston beat Sporting, so therefore Queenston should handle the Revs.

6/20/14 Yemen Elite vs. Amherst Sharpshooters: This game is arguably the best one the Round of 16 has to offer, and that's saying a lot because many of these games coming up on paper seem to be possible thrillers.  We'll have to wait until Friday the 20th for this one to go in the books officially, but that's why they save the best for last.  I'm having a hard time with this one, which likely means I'm predicting a tie.  On one hand, you've got Yemen Elite's speed and home field advantage down at the Cage.  But Elite have been up and down thus far this season, although with James Ugorji's debut looming, things may become consistent for Faress' squad.  On the other hand, the Amherst Sharpshooters are the defending Tehel Cup champs, who came out of a gauntlet of a bracket last year, plenty of those games were played on the road mind you.  If any team is able to withstand a test, it's going to be the Sharpshooters.  However, I'm hearing some of their players may have some availability problems during the week, so that could play to be a major factor in the final score.  The Sharpshooters also have lost just once since some point back in 2012, but it was to this very Yemen Elite team in last year's Championship division final.  I think this game goes a full 120 minutes, and is settled in PK's.  Yemen Elite 1, Sharpshooters 1.....Sharpshooters in PK's 5-4.  I may change my mind about this tomorrow, and then change my mind again the next day.

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Re: Tehel Cup Predictions - Round of 16

Post  Michael Schieber on Mon Jun 09, 2014 1:52 pm

As Brian said there are some awesome games in this second round of the Tehel Cup. Lots of inter division rivals, rematches from last year and overall fairly even teams all battling for the Tehel Cup.

BUSS vs. Rush FC: A big rematch in a suddenly wide open Northwest section of the bracket. BUSS have been seemingly rejuvenated in Premier this year and Rush is as usual crushing the teams below their skill level in Championship. In my mind I've flip flopped on this several times but for some reason I want to pick Rush FC right now in a mild upset.
The Pick: BUSS 2 Rush FC 3 ET

Azzurri vs Lazio:
In most years this would be labeled a throwback Premier classic but with both teams having undergone many changes this past season there are lots of new wrinkles to this one. I was plenty excited to hear/read Lazio defeat BSC Raiders in Round 1 (props to Ben Tjsuimoto for live tweeting it, he is a great follow on Twitter). Lazio is probably the favorite heading into this one but Azzurri have the tools to advance.
The Pick: Azzuri 1 Lazio 2

Lakeshore Select v Roos FC:
Is it weird to anyone else that the consensus preseason top 4 in Championship division all made it too the sweet 16? One of them is the last hope to keep this tradition of deep runs for a Championship team alive. This game could be the first of 3 match ups between RFC and Select. I expect a slow start followed by a hectic finish in this one. Wendt Beach is the leveler here but I have faith in my team to move on.
The Pick: Lakeshore Select 0 Roos FC 1

Yemen Elite v Amherst Sharpshooters:
The best match up in the round is right here in my book as well. Last years champions Amherst have had limited oppurtunities to flex their new strengthened line up in regular season, while Yemen and Farress latest roster make over have had mixed results. Elite have a trio of dynamtic playmakers in Raftu, Pollock and Escobar to pull the strings in the center but as much as the Cage is a crazy atomsphere the ground might be a deterant to this team. Amherst does everything well and has the depth to make sure you can't ever relax. B. Lawler told me that Amherst is actually undefeated at the Cage. I think that streak ends this year.
The Pick: Yemen Elite 4 Amherst Sharpshooters 3

Celtic United v Celtic: The first rematch from last years Premier championship game was a dud with the 3-0 Celtic scoreline. For some reason I feel like this one will be too. I'm not sure what is up with Celtic United but they are closer to relegation then a playoff spot. This game doesn't inspire hope of that changing.
The Pick: Celtic United 0 Celtic 4

Celtic Hoops v Lakeside: Hoops 10 man survival against Buff Celtic was extremely impressive. Their are some good young players on this roster that have a future in the green and white. But despite their great result in Round 1 they are rewarded with a game against Lakeside FC. Say what you want about LFC's poor regular season start and the controversy surrounding this team and their excommunicated manager, but they fight tooth and nail in Tehel. I am reminded of a match up long ago between a upstart young team in division 1 named Wolfpac, going up against this very same Lakeside FC team. I see the results being similar if not worse.
The Pick: Celtic Hoops 1 Lakeside FC 4

FC Yemen v Lykan FC: Lykan desperately needed a win v Hamburg to stem the tide of the horrible start to their season and they got it. FC Yemen on the other hand look like a hungry team perhaps a bit jaded that they didnt get to be promoted to Championship themselves. I think their is zero intimidation factor here despite this being a D1 v Premier team game. FC Yemen also have the Cage on their side and I fear this tie might be another coming wound to Lykan in a wild game.
The Pick: FC Yemen 5 Lykan FC 3

Queenston FC v FCB Revs: So I hate Queenston but how in the world can I pick this schizo FCB Revs team to upset them? Queenston hasn't even been all that impressive this year outside of their win v Lakeshore. Revs eeked out their 2 wins this year and just seem to really lack any offensive threat despite what appears to be solid keeping and a decent defensive line. Queenston also has a disctinct home advantage along with the veteran leadership to end this string of silly draws. Best I can get myself to is Queenston again can't put away a perky FCB team but then grinds them out in ET. Please prove me wrong Revs.
The Pick: Queenston FC 3 FCB Revs 0

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