"US Men's National Team" Reserves 4, "FC Buffalo" Reserves 0

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"US Men's National Team" Reserves 4, "FC Buffalo" Reserves 0 Empty "US Men's National Team" Reserves 4, "FC Buffalo" Reserves 0

Post  Raider9726 on Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:36 am

I cannot take credit for the subject line, that came from other players within the Queenston organization.

Yet another wonderful night for soccer up at the Vet, similar to the weather we got vs. Sporting Roos three weeks ago, although a tad warmer today.  FCB Revs brought a respectable 15 players to the match, while Queenston smashed their season record of attendees by bringing 19 to the game (3 of us including myself did come late, but we ended up with 19 by the final whistle).

I arrived to the field maybe 10 minutes in, so I can't speak on behalf of those minutes, but I was told we missed a few chances around the net.  Perhaps 1 could have went in, that's about the extent of knowledge I have.  What I do know, is that we were expecting to wear our grays today but the Revs I guess finally came around to the idea that two uniforms is better than one, and they wore some nice looking royal blues out there.  So Queenston went yellow.

I'm going to keep this recap 'brief', or less detailed than normal, because for a full 80 minutes (game called early), we had full control of the game, and nothing really notable happened.  With a full squad, it was nice to see us all in our normal positions in the first half, and the ground passing yesterday was as good as it has ever been.  Despite the ground passing, the first goal came from a wonderful aerial cross from George Todino, who found Mike Crossett poached around the 6' even with the back post, and he calmly took the ball down, drilled his left foot into the ground and blasted the ball right footed over the keeper's head.  1-0 Queenston at the 25' mark.  

Tons of 50/50 balls were won today by Queenston, and that resulted in FCB Revs chasing after our midfielders and forwards throughout the entire 1st half, which then resulted in a lot of fouls called against them.  Most of the calls were correct, but FCB were visibly angry and whiny about it.  Eric Barnes stepped up for a free kick about 35' out, and his pace of his strike was almost too much for someone to get a head on it, but its trajectory was so good that it found the upper right corner of the net.  Goalie could do little about it, 2-0 Parliament.  About 5 minutes later, Mike Crossett again would be part of the action, and this time he swung a ball in from his left outside mid position towards the top of the 18.  Justin Sims let it one hop to his right foot maybe 16 yards out from net and blasted a low shot away from the keeper on target.  3-0 Queenston, and to this point, it could have been worse had their goalie not made a few exceptional saves.  

Queenston put out its players on the field, and after a legitimate 15 minute half time discussion finally ended for the Revs, they slowly trotted out onto the field.  Despite the slow trot, they seemed motivated.  Meanwhile, almost our entire team save for a few in the back were playing out of position just for the fun of it.  We immediately saw just as many opportunities as the first half, but our drive and focus wasn't where it was in the 1st half.  Still, FCB had limited chances.  We played with 10 players all game today, unless you want to count Netter and his lawn chair between the pipes, so you could argue 11.

Max Braun would score a PK goal after being taken down in the box (correct call).  He actually softly struck the ball towards the net on his PK goal, but their goalie I think dove to the left before the whistle even blew.  Whoops!

The game would then get chippy as frustration set in for a few players.  I know Loweecey got a yellow (finally) after repeatedly swinging and missing with his feet, until he finally connected, and a straight red was issued to Brandon Ciesielski (spelling) around the 75' mark when Noah Rougeux chased after a long goal kick by Netter that took a huge hop just past midfield.  Noah sprinted right in between Matt Veronica and Ciesielski, and Ciesielski denied him a clear goal scoring opportunity.  That should have been seen red, which I think would have been the case no matter what, but just to be certain he'd see red, Ciesielski decided to push Noah to the ground once they all got up.  This frustration was building all game, as Queenston received two yellows as well during the contest, but this was just stupidity.  We won't be seeing him this Sunday now when we replay these guys in league play.

Game was called 5 minutes later as the ref wanted to avoid the game getting even more out of hand.  It was the right call, because scoring a 5th goal was going to happen in the near future since they were reduced to 10 men, and it would have only fueled the fire.

Queenston awaits the winner of the FC Yemen/Lykan FC match.  <----Sooooo we have no idea what's gonna happen there...


Netter - Clean sheet (#4 of the season), 1 "save"
Goals - Crossett (1), Barnes (2), Sims (1), Braun (3)
Assists - Crossett (1), Todino (3), 2 Unassisted
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