Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3)

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Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3) Empty Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3)

Post  Raider9726 on Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:32 am

What a thriller this one was.  First, the atmosphere was great again, as it was pretty reminiscent of last year's semi-final playoff match between our team and Yemen Elite.  The only thing missing this year was the drums and an additional 100 spectators, but still, I'd say 100+ were in attendance tonight (maybe 30 supporting our team and 80-90 for FC Yemen).  The fans were vocal, the microphone was back too; the MC was desperately trying to get into the head of our keeper, to no avail.

The field was in perfect shape last night.  LOL I just laughed at my own joke.

Ok, now I'll take this seriously.  The field was terrible, but we expected this.  Nice night to play though temperature wise, and Queenston brought 15 to the game and I'd venture to guess FC Yemen had the same or maybe a few more, but I'm not sure how often they subbed or who actually was a coach or not on their bench.  The problem with our 15 players last night is that we were missing 45% of our goals coming into the match (14 goals out of 29), as A. Donner (7), E. Kastner (2), N. Rougeux (2), G. Todino (2) and J. Rougeux (1) were all unable to attend.  Only the last name mentioned in the previous sentence does not play striker for Queenston, so we had to severely tinker with all midfield positions and forward positions to make this work.

The first half was relatively even - maybe FC Yemen was a bit more dangerous in terms of getting crosses inside the box but Queenston's outside backs and center backs made some quality challenges to settle for corner kicks or deep throw ins.  However, in the 40th minute, Ross Suitor would make a CLEAN tackle from behind, which won the ball, but a foul was called anyway.  We were ok with the foul call in the sense that it was from behind and maybe the call was missed (happens to the best of them, and this crew was good as they kept the game in check), but what happened next was perplexing.  This challenge was outside the 18'.  The ball eventually rolled into the 18, as did the player after doing a few rolls on the grass, and as a result, the head ref pointed to the PK spot.  Mohammed Abdulqawi stepped up and buried the ensuing PK top right shelf.  1-0 FC Yemen heading to the break.

In the second half, Queenston's back 4 played out of their minds, winning most challenges to keep pressure away from Netter.  Of course there were a few FC Yemen chances, but not nearly as many in half #1.  The Queenston's defensive wins though proved not to translate to our midfield/forwards, as we struggled to win 50/50 balls to keep the ball moving down the field.  When we did win those balls, we created decent looks but repeatedly failed to make the necessary final passes, whether it was holding the ball too long or actually passing the ball in a spot that only the opposing keeper could scoop up.  Some of our chances were slowed down by the bumpy field too; just taking a ball in and possessing would be troublesome, and since FC Yemen was the fastest team we've seen all season, it allowed them to recover defensively at times.

Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of the 57' mark, Justin Sims would push the ball to space inside the box, leaving a Yemen defender hopeless.  The Yemen player took down Ross Suitor in the box which probably saved a goal, and as a result, the head ref pointed to the PK spot yet again.  Eric Barnes stepped up from his CB spot and converted the PK, leveling the score 1-1.

From that point on, both teams thought they had a winner in them, so the teams generally went into attack mode (maybe FC Yemen did this more so than Queenston), and with the buzzing from the fans,  we were really treated to a great game.  Nothing came about though, so we headed to extra time.

The 20 minute extra time (10 & 10) was pretty much an extension of the 2nd half; some opportunities but nothing crazy.  More yellow cards (I think there were 5-6 in the game, split evenly among each team) and fans getting more and more into the game.  Tension running high!

The game would ultimately be settled at the PK stripe, as it had been all game anyway.  Queenston shot first, Yemen second. The results went like this:

Q - Make 1-0
Y - Make 1-1
Q - Make 2-1
Y - Make 2-2
Q - Make 3-2
Y - Make 3-3
Q - Make 4-3
Y - MISS 4-3
Q - Make 5-3
Y - N/A; game over

I hear we have some sort of Youtube clip out there showing the game winning PK strike, and would like to clarify the reaction after the make.  Our player was happy to get the win, and he sprinted towards the fans sideline while kissing the Queenston crest (what a crest, by the way!).  Since the video is being taped from the fans sideline, one would think that he was mocking the opposing fans, but what actually happened was that he went directly to OUR fans, and then ultimately continued his run back onto the field where the rest of us mobbed him in jubilation.  You'll see a section of bright yellow fan jerseys all huddled together, so please take me for my word.  Had this video been shot from across the field, I think you'd get a more accurate depiction of the celebration.

Speaking of the celebration, we did this because it was actually a hard fought win.  FC Yemen does not belong in the First division; that team was better than the bottom half of our Championship division and equal or better to the likes of BSC Inter and Sporting Roos.  We hope to not see them next year as our goal is promotion, but if we do, we know that fixture will be a tough one.  Admirable effort by their players, and personally I love going to the cage because their fans are great.  They want to win, they get into the game, they support their team and they bring numbers.  I wish a lot of teams did this, but the Lackawanna community and their teams they support is very unique.

Best of luck to FC Yemen on their quest to take home the First division playoff trophy.

Queenston FC faces Celtic next Thursday, likely to be played at Mulroy Park in South Buffalo, but nothing set in stone just yet.

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Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3) Empty Re: Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3)

Post  jnsoccerstar92 on Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:40 am

You can see my father on the field in his bright yellow fan tshirt and a huddle of our fans directly behind him. Including Suitor's parents which is where he ran to.


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Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3) Empty Re: Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3)

Post  YElite on Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:02 pm

Definitely great game that went back and forth. Yemen coming close a few times and Netter coming out of the net took a lot of the space away from the speedy forwards.  The Cage was definitely buzzing and had the same feeling as the Semis of last year.  Queenston FC is an awesome team and the fans that came out to support you guys were a blast with jokes being thrown back and forth.  Too bad the Cage will be out of commission next year but it is for the best as the facelift is going to start this Fall.  Best of Luck to Queenston FC the rest of the way.  Tehel Cup 4 (Yemen Elite vs BUSS - Celtic vs Queenston FC). Last home game to be played at this historic site will be Yemen Elite vs Amherst Sharpshooters.

We knew it was no disrespect when he celebrated. You guys deserve to celebrate.

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Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3) Empty Re: Queenston FC 2, FC Yemen 1 in PK's (5-3)

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