Boomslang 2, WNY United 1

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Boomslang 2, WNY United 1 Empty Boomslang 2, WNY United 1

Post  enrique14150 on Thu May 21, 2015 11:47 pm

After cooking on Sunday, the cool soccer-conducive weather was much appreciated.  The Reds started short a couple players as some stragglers made their way to OP (we ended up with one sub), while Boomslang had at least 4 subs.  We were a little apprehensive going into tonight - playing a team from two divisions up, short a lot of our regulars.  Early on it was clear that these guys had the speed and skill that we're not used to facing in the Second Division, but the Reds defense was resolute.  Our side mids had to mark back all the way constantly, which meant it was tough to break out.  Brandon Tytka made some routine plays and a few big saves, and his long punts gave our forwards some opportunities for mayhem.  Boomslang got one halfway through the first half on a a little marking mixup, they flicked through the middle.  We answered right before halftime, an excellent corner by Jeremy Rushok was buried with a header by Lew Heltman.  Boomslang got a similar goal to their first about 10 or 15 minutes into the second half, and while we had a few chances to tie, they came even closer to a third.  All in all though, considering the disparate talent levels and who we had available, we're pretty pleased with ourselves for a hard-fought game that showed we could compete with guys from a higher level.


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