BUSS 1 - BSC Raiders 2 (second half of OT)

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BUSS 1 - BSC Raiders 2 (second half of OT) Empty BUSS 1 - BSC Raiders 2 (second half of OT)

Post  B_Calvaneso on Fri May 29, 2015 10:33 am

I will keep this short and sweet for fear of the unknown. (Had a more severe description written before being informed that voicing my opinion may be considered detrimental to the league, with subtle undertones that I may be suspended if I continue. With that being said I will stop as soon as I hit the SEND button.)
Raiders scored first.

We scored second to tie.

Raiders player #13 Ryan Walter gets tangled up with one of our players and calls the ref a F'ing T-nuc.  (Thanks for that word Ben) Gets a second yellow.  (Keep in mind this player has 2 yellows on the season already, both for unsporting behavior) Gets tossed from the game with a few minutes left in regulation.

We go to extra time.

Raiders score with about 1 1/2 minutes left in the second half of OT to win.

All in all Raiders played a tough game.  They shut down our passing lanes and pressured hard, keeping the field tighter than we wanted.  Our only option seemed to be balls over the top that Jr and Raftu could run onto.  #11 Casey and #16 Billoni had good games on their back line.  #22 Mort is a stud and was the difference in my eyes between our first game and this one.  That kid is a tough player.
Miguel Rumbo was our best player today, followed by Junior Geegba. Miguel's tenacity on winning the ball and Junior's drive to the net.

For such a great team, BSC really disgrace themselves with all the whining they do.  If they could get past that I would have nothing but good things to say about their players.

I would say good luck, but I would be lying.  Not because I have no class, simply because of the rat race we had to run through to get this game played.  I know they didn't want to play us the first time the cup game was scheduled when we had our full squad available.  I had another day where I could have all my guys but they would have only had enough to play.  We had 11 1/2 players today, only enough to play (I am still recovering from a back problem), they had 14.  We had 16 at the originally scheduled game, they had 12.  Kudos to Rocky for finding a way out of that game.  If I am lucky enough to be playing/managing for as long as he has maybe I will have the same clout...

Side note: If the league is setting a precedent for how players are supposed to treat officials, the entire BDSL should expect a substantial ban for #13 of the Raiders.  Not that I want anybody banned from playing soccer, because I don't, (especially after missing so many games myself recently because of an injury) but fair is fair, correct?


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