Queenston FC 3, Great White Buffalo 0

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Queenston FC 3, Great White Buffalo 0 Empty Queenston FC 3, Great White Buffalo 0

Post  Raider9726 on Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:10 am

Queenston advances to the elite eight of the Tehel Cup after a weird 3-0 victory over this year's Cinderella story, Great White Buffalo.

Quite a few takes I have on our game and on our opponent, so I'll just get the ball rolling:

1. I'm really not sure how GWB is in 9th place in league play.  They cited 'attendance issues', and it must be that, because with the 16 or 17 they had last night, I'm surprised by their overall record.

2. Despite what I mentioned in #1, we held a vast majority of possession last night.  But GWB stayed organized, playing a 5-4-1, which actually worked out quite well for them as they clogged up Miguel in the middle in terms of scoring from the CAM position, and I think it actually sucked in our back four to play way too high, so speedy Justin Viengmay of GWB actually had a few half chances to score.  We'll call it 'frustrating' from the Parliament perspective.

3. Continued patience: Our passing and decision making amongst defenders and midfielders last night as we worked the ball up towards our opponent's net was actually really solid yesterday.  Truth be told, we had one of our best lineups all year last night, and for a good 25 minutes, we could not break through.  That's because we forced the issue far too often up top, with some really difficult passes to our forwards, or shots taken that should have been laid off.  Having said this, we had at least 5 point blank goal scoring attempts that I can recall that could have easily been goals.  Doubtful we convert all of them, because that's just unrealistic, but maybe 2 minutes into the game, Suitor got on the end of a pass that he had to reach out his foot for, made contact, but it sailed over the cross bar from maybe 3 yards out (not kidding).  Another came on a corner kick from Barnes that found Sims' head but he put it just high.  The next came from Miguel who got past the defense after some shake and bake moves only to shoot directly at the goalkeeper, which I've never seen him do before.

I'm going to stop using numbers now:

Then my chance came.  Their goalie was having a rough day with the rebounds, as in he wasn't corralling the first shot all that often.  Knowing this, when Donner unleashed a laser beam on target from 25' out and low, I decided to charge the net immediately.  That actually costed me, as the rebound did in fact come, and it came my way, but took a hop over my jumping header as I beat the play essentially.  Wait a half second or a second and it falls right to my head for an easy goal.  The final near miss came on the final play of the half when Sims got on an eerily similar ball like Suitor, and his sliding shot sailed over the bar from inside the 6'.

The goal of course came on a nothing play.  Left back Curtis Dorian noticed their defense take maybe it's only mental lapse of the half by not really marking Donner a top the 18', and he lofted a ball that only Donner could get to, and he slotted it past Stuitje.  1-0 Queenston maybe 25' into the first half.

In the second half, the game got really boring.  Both teams were slipping for some reason, balls were just aimlessly getting kicked around, I don't know what was happening.  But eventually we got our insurance goal when Justin Sims got played a ball in the box and he sent a low cross across the 6' to a streaking right back Noah Rougeux who finished near left post.  Noah was everywhere for that play!  I will add that Noah had a really strong showing last night, and definitely in consideration of man of the match.

Then we got lazy and allowed two GWB strikers to possess the ball at will between our midfield and defensive lines, and they actually had a few breakaways that Netter stopped to keep the clean sheet streak alive (now at a little over 290 minutes in Tehel Cup play dating back to last year's semi final against SoHo).  Our 3rd goal came with about 3-4 minutes left to play, when Donner found Sims alone at the top of the 18, and he casually placed the ball where he wanted, tucked away out of their keeper's reach.

Final 3-0.  Overall, I give Great White Buffalo a lot of praise for how they conducted themselves, their tactics, and their communication throughout the game.  They should be pleased with their Tehel Cup run, now hopefully they can bring this kind of commitment every Sunday and I'm sure they'll climb out of the bottom of division 3.

We turn our attention to Celtic United next Thursday.  We'd like to cut down the nets in the Southeast region bracket, so this one we'll be ready for.

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