BDSL Division 2 Predictions

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BDSL Division 2 Predictions

Post  Raider9726 on Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:19 am

This one's gonna be tough.  Historically speaking, ever since I've been doing these division-by-division predictions, Division 2 has been a struggle.  Sometimes it's hard to figure out just how good the Division 3 promoted teams are, comparing them to D2, and what's worse, most new teams tend to fall in this league.  If I don't know them well enough, I'm going to misplace them and likely skew the entire division.  I've done this before with RVS United, OP Alliance (although that was D1) and I think I'm about to do it with Celtic 1888...

Also, I mentioned FC Yemen II yesterday and how I thought they'd be a middling team in D3.  Their placement below will tell you how I feel about the bottom of this division.

14. WNY United Reds - They continue to survive relegation scares year after year, but I think it's inevitable this season.  Although much like Division 3 this year, I think we have more equal talent from top to bottom in this league, so parity could be a common theme and maybe the United Reds jump in on the act.  It seems as if this team always has just enough defense to stay in many games, but simply cannot capitalize on goals outside of the periodic strike from Chris Duerr.

13. Celtic 1888 - Completely unknown roster to me.  It looks like it has a Lancaster feel to it, so possibly this is a team built of current Lancaster varsity soccer players and some from the surrounding area.  Last I checked, the Legends had a pretty decent HS squad, so maybe they'll fair better than 13th, but who knows.  My gut tells me that Celtic Classic moved down a division by choice, and made way for their newest club addition by default, not necessarily based on skill.

12. Cheektowaga - Struggled last year in D2 to get wins, but yet still remained in many games due to their defense and keeping. I don't think many changes were made to their roster, so I'll do the same with their league placement.

11. Ukraine - It looks like their roster has been decimated a bit, losing the Fares' to FC Yemen II, and a couple other key contributors. I don't think they can make a realistic charge at playoffs this year without some better scoring options up top. And their defense has never necessarily been their strong suit.

10. West Side FC - This team was in the playoff hunt all of last year until a monumental trip up against Wolf Mill steered them off track.  They're now without their finishing striker Kovan Menr, who bounces to his third team in three years.  I'm not sure if Cory Martin, Richie Namulala and Sebastian Barrientos can do it all by themselves, so I think this team will see one of the biggest falls from '15 to '16.

9. FC Yemen II - If this team is comprised with some of the guys seen over the winter at Sportsplex, I can see them struggling to communicate and win games.  There are, however, a few very strong players here, such as Ali Fares.  I'm sure they'll have enough athleticism to steal some games, but I don't expect them to compete for a playoff spot.

8. Buffalo Blizzard - Not sure about this one. Did they trim the fat off their roster or just lose some useful players to free agency? Luke Haag is still a stud for this team in this division, but as of now, I haven't seen enough built around him to say they're contenders. Then again, I don't know the Southtowns as well as the Northtowns, so I tend to favor the latter when in doubt. One thing working in the Blizzard's favor is the fact that they do not play Crimson Fire or Meerkats, who I haven't spoken about yet.

7. Rampart FC - Nothing wrong with this crew of players here.  All solid, no poor players no super standouts.  So therefore, I think they're destined to another mid-table finish.  I think they can squander points against lower clubs but can steal three points from the top of the league.  It leads me to believe they'll get a 5-4-2 record by season's end.

6. Pendleton United FC - A few of the Meerkats from last year branched off and formed their own team for 2016, and they've added probably one of the best goalies in the entire area in Mike Juszczak.  I fear that since they are so young, they'll miss players/games due to other tournaments taking place.  But there's a heavy Starpoint influence to this team, who have had some really nice HS teams in the past few years, so the talent is here.  The commitment to each Sunday is what we simply do not know yet.  Plus, I'm wondering if they'll be physical enough to match up against teams like Cheektowaga or Tonawanda.

5. Tonawanda United - Hopefully they've retained Nate Holler, who, I think left the team but I'm not sure if anyone actually grabbed him.  He was pretty instrumental to the team's success last year, but they still have players here.  Guiga, Schulmeister, Choate, the Haskill's...this team has a pretty good core who can score goals.  I think right now a finish like last year would be the bottom of the team's expectations, but it could go up from there for sure.

4. PLYSA Toros - PLYSA probably could have competed for a playoff spot last year in Division 2, so naturally I'll place them here expecting them to at least do that this year.  They did lose Chris Kufchak to Pendleton, who got his fair share of points last year for the Toros, but PLYSA is still a quality squad who added some of the decent pieces of Elbow Soup to their team this year.  They're one of the many squads in this division that could find themselves dropping points though to the lower tier squads if they're not careful.

3. Meerkats - The Meerkats took their lumps last year, mainly due to lack of players showing up to games, which is unfortunate.  Losing Francesco Strangio and Mitch Cancilla to Rogue FC was likely; considering the move down a division, but they didn't show up much in the first place last year so carrying guys like this on a team sometimes hurts more than it helps.  The big loss was Andy Evans due to his move out of the area.  At that point, I would have said Meerkats were destined to a mid-table to bottom finish in Division 2, but then they went out and made some nice moves in the offseason.  Matt Belardi is a game changer in this league; he'll be scoring goals as long as he's present.  Jackson Hamilton is a more than capable winger - he was a threat in the premier division last year while playing for Rush FC.  Eric Smith is a very athletic outside back or outside winger that played with me on Queenston for years: he's more than qualified in this division, and if they move him up the pitch, he's got a 90 minute motor who will disrupt some backline passes and bag some goals.  Mangus, Divirgilio and A. Diminuco are solid players as well.  I think this group, when all committed, belong in Division 1.

2. DSC Buffalo - These guys have the youth and experience this year to be something special.  They've retained their "stars" in Milligan and Cox, and they've added some BSC International presence that I think will do a lot of good to keep them in check.  I heard the only knock on these guys is their immaturity at times on the field, so I'm sure one year older, speaking in really general terms here, will help.  I think they make the jump this year to contender.

1. Crimson Fire - Thank you board for saving Crimson Fire a full year on potential future promotions.  They won the Division 3 regular season last year, which is harder to do than win the championship.  11 weeks of work versus 2 weeks of work, it's really that simple.  Like going 13-0 in fantasy football, with the most points scored in the league by a mile, only to have a top 5 RB sit out in week 14 coupled by a few poor performances from other key members and boom, out in the quarterfinals or semifinals of your fantasy league.  Crimson Fire have legitimately built a team from the ground up.  They've played year round at Sportsplex and a little bit at Epic (I see you, Crimson!) and added some nice pieces for this division, such as the Mackowski brothers.  They've actually had a few teams playing in the B league, both of which have routinely placed well in each session, against many familiar faces already in this outdoor division.  Retaining August Cadle didn't hurt either, and now a full season of Danny Tarbell.  I fully expect this squad to challenge for the division title and obviously based on their placement here, I think they win it.  Not sure about the playoffs though; things get weird late in the year.

3 Meerkats defeat 6 Pendleton United
5 Tonawanda United defeat 4 PLYSA Toros

5 Tonawanda United defeat 1 Crimson Fire
3 Meerkats defeat 2 DSC Buffalo

5 Tonawanda United defeat 3 Meerkats

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Re: BDSL Division 2 Predictions

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:08 pm

Second Division Overview:
To me this is maybe the most balanced D2 have ever been. In D3 I lamented spots 7-12 saying they are all so so close. Here you could sell me 5 to 12 being so so similar. So this makes predicts nearly impossible but overall great for the league as results should be fun to see each week.  I feel pretty confident about the top 3 teams but then its dicey. But enough of this, onto the rankings
Buffalo Blizzard FC
Team Take:  In their second season Blizzard appear to have made some considerable move to tinker with the line up its not quiet as deep but they managed to keep their core intact which is good news. Haag and Parker-Norton are two of the better players in D2 and with the league being so balance its guys like this that could make or break you with their play alone. I think Alex Gibb is a huge pick up as hell be tasked with making sure that the defense hold consistently. Last year they were so hot out of the gate but fell off once the schedule picked up. This year its more of a balanced schedule so results early will be key.
Best Case – Haag has an MVP worthy season and scores enough to have Blizzard in 4th. They beat Rampart FC in round 1 of playoffs but fall to Meerkats in the semis.
Worst Case – An injury to a starter here could be a season killer. They struggle to stay with their heads above water and tumble to 13th with a trip down to D3.
Actual –I have them in 8th right now. I’m never convinced when teams roster lower numbers. It rarely works out as few teams can deal with issues that inevitably pop up in a BDSL season.
Celtic 1888
Team Take:  Like Brian said it’s a total and complete unknown to me this roster. That said I have faith in the Celtic set up as a whole and they felt this group was good enough to bump down a solid Celtic Classic side to D3. So who am I to argue here. But I also wont predict them high because of this.
Best Case – They are a team unfit for this level in a good way and are clear cut D1 material as they stomp their opponents to a first place finish, easy playoff title and a run in Tehel Cup to the Elite Eight.
Worst Case – They are a team unfit for this level in a bad way and can’t win a game ending in a 14th place finish.
Actual – I’m going to show some faith here and say they grab the last playoff spot in 6th. But nothing would surprise with this team. That’s how little I know about them.
Team Take:  One of the highlights of the BDSL season for me is the lone tweet that Cheektowaga makes each and every year. An instant classic. Aside from that their roster is basically identical to last year. And where everyone is improving idk how that is going to work for them especially considering they won 1 game all of last season.
Best Case – Cheektowaga makes it as high as 9th as they keep even with all the other teams. They continue their simple life in D2.
Worst Case – D3 is more their speed as they fall to 14th. But again they don’t seem to mind too much.
Actual – I do sadly think their time has come for a division change. I have them slotted into 13th with next year in D3.
Crimson Fire FC
Team Take:  Happy they did get the nod into D2. They earned it and have prepared admirably enough in their preseason prep to show that they are ready to make an impact here. Offensively they added enough to sore with any team.  The mid field depth with be tested here. I think losing Josh Carey is tough but there is too much talent here for them not to continue their push up the BDSL ladder.
Best Case – Crimson pick up where they left off despite the division change. They battle for the division crown but settle for 2nd and a bye. They beat Tonawanda United in the semis and move into D1 but even upset Meerkats for their first trophy. Tehel Cup run to Elite Eight.
Worst Case – The depth isn’t quiet up to snuff and they middle out for a 8th place finish as they drop some games they should win. Some of their strikers are poached by higher teams in 2017.
Actual – 4th place seems about right for this side. I have them into the semis but like last year can’t quite seem to make the final.
DSC Buffalo
Team Take:  I’m really high on this team. They shoulda made top four last year but blew it down the stretch. I think this year they make up for it. They are a bit deeper and look stronger in the middle which is key at this level. I think they learned a lot as a new team last year.  Were a strong defensive team but need to find some more scoring outside of  Milligan.  I think they’ll make up for last years disappointment.
Best Case – They make the leap with smarter play and take the division title. In the playoffs they trounce Ramparts FC and then celebrate promotion in stlye taking out Pendleton United Fc in the championship game. They shock Polonia in Round 1 of Tehel.
Worst Case – Similar to last year they let the playoffs slip right through their fingers with poor results the final two weeks of the year falling fro 4th to 8th in a blink of an eye.
Actual – I have then 2nd overall right now. Maybe that’s overly ambitious but I think they can do it.
FC Yemen II
Team Take:  This team no one expected to see in February. They were really the only total surprise submission team to enter BDSL this year. The roster is filled with BDSl vets from Yemen teams past along with some younger faces. Its going to be interesting to see just how deep the talent pool runs in Lakawanna. I think they’ll struggle this first season but might be a team to look out for in 2017 once things get sorted.
Best Case – They continue the Yemen tradition of late and make the playoffs safely in 5th. They Also take some of the Cup magic Yemen teams seem to hold and make the Elite Eight of the tournament.
Worst Case – They maybe shoulda stayed in D3 as they just can’t keep themselves in the race. Poor results and in fighting have them in 13th by the season end. They regroup in D3.
Actual – I’m thinking a 10th place finish is reasonable for them year 1 here. They might feel hard done by that but maybe they prove me wrong.
Meerkats FC
Team Take:  Last season was a mini disaster for them. I actually pretty surprised they’ll become a yo-yo type team here unable to really get a foothold in D1. I think the roster on paper was solid but maybe the commitment just wasn’t there. This year they really changed their make up. We’ll see how that effects the overall chemistry. But I like the management team and think they’ll be back in D1 soon.
Best Case – They fix their issue internally and really show that last year was sorta a bad dream. Take 1st handily and then do the double beating Crimson Fire in the D2 championship game. A sweet 16 trip in Tehel Cup
Worst Case – Last years struggles actually reveal further fraction here. None steps into the goal scoring role that they so desperately need.  Can’t even make the playoffs here as they just make it to 7th.
Actual – Their adds are solid enough to make them the best team in the division I think. I have them 1st but falling in the final.
Team Take: I’m pretty interested to see how they look in D2. A D3 powerhouse, Kyle Jones was literally unstoppable most games. I think D2 teams will be a tougher test for him as squads here will look to key on him. Roster wise they are a bit lighter with only 17 rostered and you all know my feelings on that. Great in theory but rarely work.
Best Case – Jones continues to be prolific and carry PLYSA to a playoff berth in 6th.  Though they fall in Round 1 PLYSA retains him again as they build for a 2017 run.
Worst Case – D2 defenses bully Jones and PLYSA secondary scoring comes up empty. They don’t have enough guys for some games with their younger players out of town. They fall to 12th by year end.
Actual – I think they’ll realize they need a deeper team and Jones will need more help then he currently gets in D2. I think they’ll steal some points early but by late in the year teams will know how to play them and they’ll finish 7th.
Pendleton United FC
Team Take: Brash and bold Pendleton United FC have quickly made a name for themselves in the BDSL world. These youngers are confident and balanced coming into their first season. They have maybe the best player in the division in Juszczak in net. Other then that the line up here are mostly BDSL unknowns. I liken them to an OP Alliance though a D2 verison.
Best Case – Like OP Alliance, they prove to up to the task as they deal with the physicality that BDSL can bring. They are defensively sound with a array of ways to punish you offensively and sit atop D2 at year end. They make a deep Tehel Cup run shocking even Roos FC to make the Elite Eight. Promotion comes in the form of a D2 title over Meerkats FC.
Worst Case – A season similar to DSC Buffalo’s 2015. They play well but choke down the stretch and fail to earn a playoff birth with a 8th place finish. 1 and done in Tehel Cup by a veteran Cheektowaga team.
Actual – I’m a believer.  I think they’re up to the task. Slotted 3rd but I have them lifting the D2 trophy in August.
Rampart FC
Team Take: An interesting team here as Rampart FC is to me a team that has sort of  been a bit of a disappointment. They maybe should do been then their results especially last year. Maybe what they lack is a true finisher as none scored more then 4 last year for them. Defensively they are one of the best units overall. I hope this season they break out a bit.
Best Case – Rampart find a scorer in one of their adds (maybe Wagner is this for them? Idk) while the d unit remains one of the best. They flirt with a bye but finish in 4th in the end and make the semis before dropping to Meerkats.  Sweet 16 in Tehel Cup
Worst Case – Scoring is even scarcer for a team starved for goals already. An injury in the back hurts them their and suddenly they looking at 11th place.
Actual – I have them at 5th, which is admittedly ambitious for them I think. I do have them in the Sweet 16 in Tehel Cup though.
Tonawanda United
Team Take: A favorite team of Brian’s, I honestly have never been super high on them. I don’t think a team has a bigger loses then them with Holler, Guiga and Choate all leaving. That’s almost half their goals from last season.  Andy Haskill with have to do some heavy heavy lifting here to make up for that.
Best Case – Haskill is up for it and scores enough to keep Tonawanda in the playoff hunt but they lost too much to really make it finishing 7th.
Worst Case – Man, I can’t think of a much worst case then their off season. They crumble without all of the support and hit 12th.
Actual – I just keep looking at the loses and am too afraid to keep them any higher then 9th.
Team Take: What to make of this squad? Ukraine is a total wild card.  Similar to our last team they did lose two big contributors in scoring. Put with the never guys coming in its had to say what will become with Urkaine. Really this team has the biggest range of options and the hardest to predict.
Best Case – Ukraine adds are members of the national youth squads and run roughshod on the league. They win Tehel Cup and D2 on the strength of these youngsters. Yuri is the happiest man on the planet come end of the year.
Worst Case – These new comers finished 8th in the Ukrainian BDSL D3 equivalent. Similarly they finish 14th. Yuri drinks a lot all year (this is a win though)
Actual – 12th?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
WNY United Reds
Team Take:  Poor Kolber. His side is up against it again. No major adds means I can’t expect much better then last year though I’d argue they under achieved. Again can Duerr come through for them enough?
Best Case – How high could they get I can’t see it higher then 11th. I hate typing this….
Worst Case – 14th seems reasonable as both worst and actual. Can I stop yet?
Actual – I have the last ok? 14th. Can we just move on now?
West Side FC
Team Take:  The last few outlooks in d2 havent been pretty and this one isn’t much brighter. For as much as DSC flushed their own playoff hopes, West Side lost to Wolf Mill last year to torpedo their hopes. Now the off season was tough. Kovan Martin and Namulala all leaving is very tough. That’s their top scorers and defensive heart & soul. Not pretty. Some big shoes to fill for all the new guys. I’m doubtful
Best Case – They fight back through the big loses and climb to 5th mid season but fall back by year end to 8th.
Worst Case – Things get ugly and they plummet. Could see them in 13th honestly if things go poorly enough.
Actual – I have them in 11th but that’s pretty low then I like even quiet honestly.
Third Division Table:
1)    Meerkats FC
2)    DSC Buffalo
3)    Pendleton United FC
4)    Crimson Fire FC
5)    Rampart FC
6)    Celtic 1888
7)    PLYSA Toros
8)    Buffalo Blizzard FC
9)    Tonawanda United
10)  FC Yemen II
11)  West Side FC
12)  Ukraine
13)  Cheektowaga
14)  WNY United Reds
3) Pendleton United FC over 6) Celtic 1888
4) Crimson Fire over 5) Rampart FC
1) Meerkats over 4) Crimson Fire FC
3) Pendleton United FC over 2) DSC Buffalo
3) Pendleton United FC over 1) Meerkats FC

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Re: BDSL Division 2 Predictions

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:00 am

Knowing nothing about DSC except that they're a consensus top-two pick in this division (and that mediocre architect Karl Frizlen's son is on the roster...them's fighting words, I'm sure), I'll concede that DSC's probably about even money against us in Tehel, given that we're not going to have the Andrews brothers for that game

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Re: BDSL Division 2 Predictions

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