Devils 3 Aftershock 1

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Devils 3 Aftershock 1

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon May 02, 2016 6:21 am

Packed the cars up, kissed the wife and kids goodbye, carpooled the scenic hour long ride out to Pioneer , cold wet rainy day.
Both sides showed up with even numbers, believe 5-6 subs a side.
1st: Devils controlled much possession early on. Multiple attempts, but in true Devils fashion, couldn't put one by the keeper (wasn't their regular keeper, but did make some nice saves) About 20 mins in, after a foul on our side of the half line, Lucas Metzger was able to quick restart up the field and Shawn Powers got in behind their defense and nicely chipped the ball over the keeper. 1-0 devils.
Not much more from the Devils the remaining 25 other than missed opportunities and corner kicks. 45+min a breakdown in coverage lead to a throw in which their forward was able to slot it far post with some pace.
1-1 Halftime.
2nd: Devils came out slow, seemed to be lost and giving the ball away like free samples at Wegmans or Oprah giving away new cars. Aftershock had the majority of the possession the first 15-20 mins but couldn't seem to get one passed Richie Weiand, who also made some good point blank saves. Devils had their chances on breakaways or within the 18 but just couldn't seem to finish. Finally Alex Gustafik was able to slide one up to Shawn Powers again for his 2nd on a break that the keeper got a leg on but was able to roll into the back of the net. 2-1 Devils 70ish min.
Lots of back and forth at this point, Devils finally got some legs under them and pushed the ball forward with some nice work and a little grunt effort Adam Meyer was able to win a 50/50 and pass to Chris Wzontek who put it over the goalies head from 18 out (he seemed to be out of position, but not his fault as he's not the reg. keeper, side note, always a bad sign when we get a free kick and their goalie is asked how many for the wall and he responds with "how the hell would I know").
3-1 Devils with 12 to play.
Not much happened the last 12 mins, a yellow was shown to Aftershock for some hard tackles back to back around the 88-89th minute. Other than that, fairly clean/good game . Best of Luck to Afterschock.
Cheers - wait, can u guys even drink yet?


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Re: Devils 3 Aftershock 1

Post  dpatterson on Fri May 06, 2016 9:55 am

Since Hamburg High School won't put their nets up until at least May 22nd, we had to move our game to Pioneer High School. Our team is from all over buffalo so for some of us it is a 45 minute drive while others it is a 10 minute drive. Onto the game....

It was a overcast day out at Pioneer. Temperature was right around 50 and the turf was real slick. Both sides had roughly 5 subs and the game kicked off right at 4. The Devils controlled the possession right away and had Aftershock defending for beginning of the first half. It really showed that they are a team that has played together for some years, while this is Aftershocks first outdoor game as a team. The Devils applied pressure but nothing too threatening. Midway through the 1st half, Aftershock misplayed a free kick from the Devils which led to Powers walking in on the goalie alone and hitting a beautiful chip. Possession went back and forth until the 43'. Aftershock throw was flicked on by Dan Carnavale to Dillon Patterson, who hit it off the bounce to the far post upper 90. Halftime came a few minutes later with the score 1-1. Second half started with Aftershock holding majority of possession and applying pressure, but only generated a few dangerous shots. Rich Wieand came up with a big save on Patterson as he came in all alone and tried to chip it over him, but Wieand slide deflected it away from net. Halfway through the 2nd Devils were able to capitalize on counterattacks. Powers received a nice through ball and put it past the goalie who was only able to get a piece of it. The Devils struck again off a shot from the 18 yard box right over our goalies head. Aftershock was able to apply some pressure towards the end and after few hard tackles Caleb Spaulding was shown a yellow. Game shortly ended thereafter with the Final Score Devils 3: 1 Aftershock. Good clean game all around. Devils look dangerous with Shawn Powers and Matt Chase in the middle together and Rich Wieand is solid in net.

Shout out to Joe Cordier playing goalie since Dan Legge was in Florida and didn't get a flight back until later.


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