Clarence 3 Roos FC 1

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Clarence 3 Roos FC 1

Post  Michael Schieber on Mon May 02, 2016 11:26 am

All 4 goals came in the first half as Clarence takes the season opener over Roos FC in a fair 3-1 result for them. It was cold and drizzling all game. The field had just been stomped all over by Catan and Quake so it was slick and a little bouncy. 

First half possession was dominated early by Clarence. They were at full strength yesterday and when thats the case they are ever dangerous. Boughton looked as good as I've seen and Hughes was his normal terrific self in the middle. Those two caused issues for us all game as they picked us apart with their passing. With so many new faces in our line up we are still building chemistry out there and that will come but it showed that those guys knew who and were to send the ball. Incho was sorely missed lasted year as he played the target role perfectly. First goal came about 10 in after some passing found Hamill on the outside who crossed a great ball to the back post were Boughton one timed home. Not easy to do in those conditions, showcasing his ability. Not many in our league can make that on one touch. Their second goal I sorta have issue with. Around the 25 minute mark Roo Kyle Ernst picked up a long ball in the corner. He chipped the ball around a Clarence player and then was brought down trying to move around him. No call from either center or side official who was standing right there. Seemed fairly obvious to me. Clarence player scoops up the loose ball and then gets away a point blank shot and then is fouled on the follow through. I mean.......maybe a PK but I felt pretty hard down considering. Either way Boughton then buries the PK 2-0 to Clarence. We grew into it some more after that. Props to our Sam Greco who battled hard in the middle vs those two all game. Our goal came in the 35th minute or so as Garrett Rehner played a long FK ball over the top of a sleeping Clarence D. Alex Reid was on the other end and slotted easily past Len. Clarence got their 2 goal lead back not long after as Conte, who was slippery on the wing all game for them beat an out of shape and practice Roo defender who I won't name here because he just had a baby and would just blame that all on his child keeping him off the field all winter. Greg got a hand on the shot but not enough and it was 3-1 Clarence come half.

Second half was a bit sloppy by both sides. We played somewhat better but Clarence was still on the front foot. Greg made 3 or 4 great saves. He is a life saver for us back there. Not really much else to say about second half. Shout outs to Clay and Rehner who also stood out yesterday for us along the those previously mentioned. We'll regroup and look to find the right formula. Sadly well play a Rogue team that is probably top 3 in the league next week so no easy task.

Lastly Clarence were a bunch of classy players. Seifert and Jimmy Hughes are grade A guys and their team plays hard and clean. Best of luck to them this year. If they can get attendance like yesterday they'll be a dangerous team this season.

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