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FC Quake 4 Catan 2

Post  spfallon9432 on Mon May 02, 2016 2:56 pm

Week 1 2016 opened up with a familiar game setting, Quake v. Catan just up a Division. Wet, somewhat sloppy conditions and another bad start to a BDSL opening game for Quake. We came with a solid 16 while Catan had similar numbers, maybe 15.

Game started out as expected with a definitive feeling out process. No great shots on goal for either side although we had one jump over a lunging Mammoliti foot that would have been a tap in. Around 8-10' mark things started to heat up with some good forays by each time into the final thirds with possession. Both GK's were called upon to punch a couple attempts away as the wet slippery conditions made catching the ball very difficult. About 15' a pretty innocent looking turnover on our left flank near MF led to counter by Catan towards the 18. I think it was #6 for them who ultimately let the shot go from outside the box that was headed well wide far post before deflecting off a helpless Quake defender and into the net near post. No chance for Eaton as he was already well on his way to watching it wide of the far post and had no chance to change directions in those conditions. The next few minutes felt like we were a bit snake bitten and shocked but we settled back down and equalized around the 30' mark off a long FK take from D. Roistacher that found the foot of C. Walker who nicely slotted it into side netting while fending off a Catan defender. Catan responded well and was rewarded after a couple of quality saves from Eaton and a close call wide off a set piece. A ball punched out to about 25 yards out by Eaton fell towards the foot of I believe Irish-Jones who let a floating half volley go that somehow brushed by a charging defender (me), and floated perfectly top corner to the only spot Eaton had no shot of getting to. Gorgeous take from him, but would pay to see it repeated once if given 100 attempts. About 5' left in the half ran out with nothing to significant, 2-1 Catan at half. The game had certainly started to become physical by half but nothing overly flagrant.

Despite a couple injuries we felt good, and confident we were the better team coming out for the second half, and it showed early and often pretty much from the whistle on. Outside of a couple 2-3 minute spurts I thought Quake pretty much dominated possession from the 45' to 80' mark. Our OM started to dictate the pace of the game while CM's kept the game simple and in front of us. The 2-2 equalizer came off a ball into the top of the 18 flicked on by J. Gilfert to R. Mammoliti who redirected a perfect header side netting passed the outstretched GK. From here we really poured it on as Catan looked to be tiring on the Outsides and Backline, and soon had ourselves a lead after Lamos found space down the left flank, drew in two defenders and laid an absolutely perfectly timed flick up and over onto the foot of Mammoliti who made no mistake drilling home his 2nd goal low far post. Nothing changed at 3-2 as we continued to apply heavy pressure and soon found the coveted 2 goals lead off a beautiful passing sequence all the way out starting with R. Cruz, through the CM to Ricky who found a slashing Andy Reid, leading him into the 18 where he ripped a perfect low shot off inside of far post and in for the 4-2 lead at the 77' mark. We were content to defend and started to fatigue the final 10 minutes but Catan did well to not crumble and started to manage some possession and somewhat dangerous runs into the Quake third leading to one near miss around the 88' mark. Final whistle came with a hard earned 4-2 W for FC Quake.

Now I cant not comment on the unfortunate situation that unfolded very late, that somehow has us painted as the bad guys on twitter, because it was a terrible display of sportsmanship from #6 on Catan and the ref really botched the situation in an otherwise very very well officiated and relatively clean played game. Classless, blatant attempt to injure our guy somehow resulted in no card for #6, I can only guess because he stormed off the field with his shirt off MF'ing us and the ref, leaving him no time to pull the cards?? Instead a straight red (and potential 3 game suspension) was shown for our guy (who has no history of violent conduct on the field) trying to defend himself after being cut down from behind (YC all day), driven into the ground (YC all day) and intentionally stomped on (RC all day). To be honest I don't know how anyone could restrain themselves at that point but rules are rules for retaliation I guess. All this happened prior to the hissy fit thrown while leaving the field using inflammatory language towards us and the ref (RC all day). Never going to understand that one...

Regardless, great game and class from the other 14ish Catan players and a very well reffed game to that point. Catan is a solid club who will exceed their preseason ranks no doubt. Good luck the rest of the way.


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