Pendleton 3 - Crimson 2

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Pendleton 3 - Crimson 2

Post  MitchAC on Mon May 02, 2016 4:09 pm

It was an interesting start to the season for Crimson as a 2-0 lead disappeared into a 3-2 loss. This score line is very similar to last year's opener where we were up 2-0 and ended up losing that game as well. Hopefully we have the same sort of success moving forward as last year.

The game started with Pendleton having 3-4 subs and us starting with 2 subs but getting 2 more just before halftime. The field was less than desirable. A mix between an already patchy field, wet sloppy conditions and being the second game (Willies had just beaten Alden 4-0) left the pitch an utter mess. This definitely helped Pendleton's long ball game more than our quick passing. Anyways, to the game.

About 5 minutes into the game Brandon Claps committed a handball inside the box giving Pendleton a PK. The ref on the far side who couldn't have seen the handball had to call it because the other two completely missed it. The refs were subpar but I'm glad they got that call right. Pendleton took the PK and Dylan Guarino came up huge blocking it. About 25 in Dan Tarbell finally arrived which allowed us to move the ball forward easier. Our first goal came moments later where I slid the ball away from their forward and then cleared it up to Jamie Asbach who chested it to Dan Tarbell who dribbled by 2 defenders before putting it in. About 5 mins later Jamie Asbach took the ball up the left side of the field and scored just outside the left side of the 18. Props to Pendleton for not giving up although their slide tackling could use some work. Pendleton tied the game right before half. Their first goal was a beautiful strike from one of their strikers about 20 out. Then right before the half time whistle then had a corner that went far, a PUFC player had his hands all over Jared Franciosa's back and used it to climb up and head the ball back to the other side of the net for another player to rocket off the crossbar and down.

At half time we changed the formation, shouldn't have and began. Pendleton came out swinging and scored about 7 or 8 minutes in with a nice cross the caught our left back sleeping for the guy to walk in and score. The rest of the game was a little bit more back and forth with both teams getting chances. Towards the end the game began to get a little chippy from the countless slide tackles that PUFC were committing, especially from behind. Mike Asbach and Jamie Asbach both had chances to equalize but missed at the end. Tough loss but they finished, we didn't.

Both teams should have gotten a YC at one point. Pendleton about 3-4 but the ref just kept giving them warnings rather than bookings. Their slide tackles were often from behind and dangerous, they would get an additional warning and the refs would move on. The one side judge told us that it was okay if their spikes were up if there was no intent. Rolling Eyes Either way not their a good team and would love to see them again at the end of the year.


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