Buffalo Bantu 2 - OP Alliance 0

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Buffalo Bantu 2 - OP Alliance 0

Post  OPAlliance on Mon May 02, 2016 5:01 pm

If you've read any of these posts, one thing has been the same in them all, sloppy wet conditions. One of the biggest determinants in who wins and losses on a day like yesterday is obviously which team responds better to the conditions. Buffalo Bantu certainly responded better and capitalized on the rustiness of our team.

Onto the match itself... The game can be totally described in a few sentences other than the two goals that were scored. OP was able to generate chances left and right that kept Bantu back on their heels for a good majority of the game. Bantu was able to posses in very long possessions from time to time usually ending with a decent look on goal, but these were not as frequent as OP's chances.
Bantu's first goal came from a monster punt by the goal... Looks like the NFL missed out on a quality punter... dropping back the defender muffed the header and it was snagged by the Bantu forward. Mraz slowed him down and limited the breakaway but the forward place the ball well into the lower near post that skipping along the wet surface. The second goal was similar off of a free kick near the mid line. The ball was flicked on and the bounced/skipped perfectly past two defenders onto the streaking forward.

Nick Pokoj logged 75 minutes in his debut playing out of position for out starting CB Johnson who is away at school. Nick was very impressive and we look forward to his leadership.

Game showed us that we could compete well in this league, if we bury the chances we are given.


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