Marksmen 2, Dutch 1

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Marksmen 2, Dutch 1

Post  BHastings on Mon May 09, 2016 1:42 am

Don't think many people are too worried about D3 reports but insomnia is the cause for this write up. On a really weird Mother's Day, We opened our belated season campaign at home to Dutch.

At first I thought we were outnumbered, but really Dutch have had numerous injury problems and many could only be in attendance from the sidelines. We had 14 again, but with our track athletes joining us, Nick Heffler and Dominic Dragone. I will be totally honest: I was expecting the worst. Call me a terrible person/manager/teammate, but all I heard was positives about Dutch and our morbid display in Yorkshire or wherever the hell we played Aftershock, we needed a bounce back and I didn't think it would come.

Gametime starts, and we surprisingly were on the front foot for attacking. The game plan of knocking the ball up to the track stars ended up being perfect, since our field hadn't been mowed in some time, and every through ball would just die out in the grass, and we had the speed to get there first. Our first goal, right back Z Westadt played Dom Dragone in through the defense and Dom chipped the keeper on a breakaway. Advantage Marksmen into the half. Next half, Dutch definitely settled in more. However an early goal from Dragone in the half really payed dividends in the long haul. ANdy Wright settled a ball knocked to him, layed it off to dragone who was in behind the defense, hit a hard shot that the keeper got a piece of but was unable to keep out. As Dutch kept advancing down the field attempting to score, things got kinda chippy but not really. Dutch got on the board I would guess midway through the second half that I am disappointed to have conceded granted it was a very good shot. A few scuffles here and there, the referee seemed he wouldn't be showing any other cards than yellow, until a play later on where I came out to collect a ball with one forward streaking toward me with notorious jake braun following suit. I had fumbled the ball, Jake ran into the forward pretty nastily, that collision knocked me over, and the ref called it a free kick in our favor. Understandably the forward was irate, and gave the ref some kind suggestions on what he should have called, and his language got him a red. From that point on things died down a bit, the Dutch bench had numerous other suggestions for the referee that I cannot repeat on here (or maybe I can, who knows). Game ends with the Marksmen with a bit of a shock result winning 2-1 over Dutch.

Everything seemed to work out perfectly in our favor for the game. the crappy mowing, the track stars, etc. Regardless, Dutch are an extremely good team and I would still be concerned facing them again, especially on a different field or with different conditions. Regardless, best of luck to them in their season, we just may see them again later in the summer. Next game is home to FK Bosnia.


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