Panthers 2 : 0 Amherst Alliance

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Panthers 2 : 0 Amherst Alliance

Post  clarkie6 on Mon May 09, 2016 8:29 am

Game started off with a freezing cold rain coming down and both teams scrambling to get a starting 11. In the end, panthers had 1 sub Amherst 2. Panthers had a ton of pressure throughout the first half, lots of chances and Amherst keeper was up to the challenge on all of them. I'd say in the first half the ref missed two very obvious PK calls, one he actually called against us instead and gave our player a yellow?? Ref'ing was poor throughout, but pretty evenly poor. Amherst had on chance in the first half off a corner but it was put well wide of the net. Panthers probably had 8 to 10 good chances, keeper did well.
Second half was a bit more even, panthers still had many many more chances to score and eventually put one in about half way through. Was a very lucky goal, too, a deflection off an Amherst defender and bounce over the keepers head and in. Jerome Lee Yaw may have scored it, can't remember, maybe Dave Tredo? unlucky, but we were due. Amherst was able to get up the field a bit more but never put anything on net I don't believe. They probably had a pk that didn't get called as well as one of their players was tackled just in the corner of the box, no call. We started to get a lot more runs at their backs as they pressed up and eventually got a second goal on a father son due as Alex Lee Yaw ran past a few defenders and then squared it to a wide open Jerome Lee Yaw who tapped it in. Game ended, 2-0. Was a good game, didn't ever really get chippy. I enjoyed it myself, Amherst guys liked to chat during the game and I enjoy that. Good luck to them!


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