Hamburg 4:2 SPAL Buffalo FC

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Hamburg 4:2 SPAL Buffalo FC

Post  Buck on Mon May 09, 2016 8:38 am

Big victory for our club who started with 14 men and following an injury was reduced to just 13 in the second half. First time ever beating SPAL who are very talented and improved, and showed up with about a million players. 1st half was a little of back and forth at first, but then SPAL started to beat us in the middle of the field then used their speed to create scoring chances. There were a few instances in which our defenders were able to clear or SPAL players just plain missed their opportunities. We were able to create a couple of chances in the first half - Aaron Hayes just missed on a low far-side shot from about 20 yards out, and Jamel Abdallah was just one step too late on a low corner kick that got through to the back post. When James Eckhardt went down with an injury, all things considering we were happy to go into halftime 0-0.

SPAL continued to have the better of possession and created more scoring chances in the second half, but were not good in the final third. We were much better in terms of conditioning this week, and ended up the superior team in the final third which was the difference. We got all 4 goals in maybe a 20-minute span of the second half. Matt Hamister converted his first of the season off a nice run by Matt Kane which he volleyed just past the keeper's reach. SPAL responded with a couple of great scoring chances, one that I remember was a header that grazed the crossbar, but nothing doing. Hamister converted again about 5 minutes later, also from Kane, this time on a low near-side strike. SPAL became discouraged at this point and we pounced for 2 more. Aaron Hayes collected a loose ball following a scrum and hammered a shot over the keeper to make it 3-0. Hamister collected the hat trick on an absolutely filthy finish, with almost no angle he rocketed a shot into the side netting, destroying the netting in the process. Vintage Hamister. SPAL got 2 back by the end of the game, the first which was initially an offside player but the ball played in deflected off Phil Eckahrdt which allowed Joel Clarke to be deemed onside, who beat Brett Matthews on the breakaway. Interesting to see the new offside rule for this year in effect. Their second goal was inexcusable from us, nobody covered Clarke on the far post and a high cross from the corner found his head to make it 4-2.

Although he didn't end up on the score sheet, Matt Eich made his return this week and was very good for us. Brett Matthews also played a great game in net with Neil Byrne absent. Scott Barrett was a menace in the middle and created a lot for SPAL.


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