Crimson 4 Yemen II 2

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Crimson 4 Yemen II 2

Post  MitchAC on Mon May 09, 2016 11:40 am

It was an interesting game to say the least. For the most part the game was pretty clean absent one or two instances with Crimson out possessing Yemen. Mother Nature must love GI because the extremely dark clouds went right around the field so no down pour during the game. Wind was still a factor and we started the game with the wind at our backs. Crimson had about 15 and Yemen 14-15 with their goalie showing up late.

Crimson started the first 5-10 mins with possession. August Cadle almost scoring off the bat and then Fenesse Henry had a nice volley that their back-up goalie just managed to get a hand on keeping it out. Not soon after Yemen surprised us with a quick spring down the left side. He attempted to shoot or cross (who knows) right on the outside of the 18 and Brandon Claps mishandled the clearance and put it in the back of our own net. 1-0 Yemen. Us a little startled didn't possess as well and the game ended up being a little bit of back and forth for the remainder of the 1st half. With about 20 left Brendan Altman went up for a header and a little bit into the defender inside the box. The defender doesn't jump but actually bends over and flips Brendan on top of his head injuring him. We were pretty mad, understandable that he has a right to his space and Brendan jumped into it but it was a deliberate move to injure that just has no place in the league. At the end of the half Yemen had a corner that we cleared to Jamie Asbach right outside of our box who booted the ball up to Dan Tarbell who dribbled around the lone defender and slotted the goal past their regular keeper. 1-1 at half.

Second half was all Crimson even going into the wind. Jared Billica had a beautiful pass up to Jamie about 10 mins in and Jamie blasted it into the side netting from about 25 out into the wind. Beautiful, 2-1. Another 10 minutes or so Mike Asbach sent a free kick to his brother, Jamie (they must have practiced) who chips the ball with his head over the keeper. Yemen was screaming for an offsides but as soon as Mike hit the ball Jamie screamed and pointed at the defender who was keeping him on and the side ref did a great job keeping the flag down. 3-1. Yemen had another good chance on a corner that a forward got his head on but I cleared off the goal line. Not five minutes later Nate Mackowski curves a through ball to August who outran the defender and put it by the goalie to get his first of the year. (nice to have him back) 4-1.

After that the game got chipper. Fenesse missed an easy chip and Jamie had 2 or 3 opportunities to get his hat trick. Their LB ended up putting Fenesse into a headlock and then their RM elbowed Dan Tarbell. They were getting flustered. With about 7 left in the game Fenesse slid one of their forwards and got all ball. Ref didn't have a good view and gave them a PK making it 4-2 (poor Dylan has had to face a PK in each game so far.)

Immediately after the PK the line ref asked for the center ref to come to the side line as the coach of Yemen II and some of their players had been calling her names and harassing her. They were complaining that she told them to shut up. Either way she looked pretty upset and shaken up which was unfortunate because she did a great job. The ref threw out their coach and two of their players. I just went up to the ref and asked him to call the game since there was less than 5 minutes left and it was getting out of hand. Game over, Crimson gets their first win.


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