Queenston FC 1, FC Yemen 1

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Queenston FC 1, FC Yemen 1

Post  Raider9726 on Mon May 09, 2016 1:17 pm

It was raining/hailing sideways for most of this game, so conditions were awful for a second straight week, but the field itself at Lackawanna HS wasn't too bad.  FC Yemen wore red, Queenston wore black.  We brought 14 to the game, although our top striker arrived at the 35 minute mark and our starting right back went down with a hammy half way through the second half, so you could say we played with 13.  FC Yemen had something like 16 guys, but it was hard to tell since they were huddled under a tent, and they had at least 15 guys in there between spectators and coaches and the same guy that threatened our lives during the long delay in the Tehel Cup final when their goalie went down for 30 minutes carried off in an ambulance with a nosebleed.

Anyway to the game: Game got underway and FC Yemen was immediately on the attack.  Neither team possessed all that well due to the slick ball, so you saw more clearances yesterday than normal/desired.  Game was temporarily stopped maybe 10 minutes in due to a car adjacent to the field blowing a whistle any time we took possession back of the ball, in hopes that we'd stop play.  Nothing new from FC Yemen & friends; a precursor to how the rest of the game would go.

Queenston generated probably the best chances of the first half, despite probably losing the possession battle.  A few times we got in some really dangerous spots, but it resulted in rather easy saves for Albakri, or near misses over the net or wide of the net on set pieces.  Those set pieces came half the time on really dirty tackles, and other times, professional tackles.  Yellow cards not shown.

Perhaps 43 minutes into the first half, there's a quasi 3v2 breakaway that had unfolded to the benefit of FC Yemen.  A ball is played to I believe Majed Mohamed, who loses possession to our left center back Dylan Duncan, but the ball fizzes backwards.  As a result of the ball on ball connection, Majed goes down in angst, rolling around, but to the credit of the referee, he ignores the theatrics.  Seconds later, our keeper John Netter slides in to grab the ball at the very corner of the touch line and the edge of the box.  Netter did this realizing he really wouldn't get to the ball, but almost to have Adan Mukumbira second guess going after the ball.  Adan however finds Netter, not the ball, starts screaming prior to connecting with Netter, and proceeds to flop over Netter making contact.  So now you have two people rolling around, one off the pitch, one still on the pitch.  The ref assumes this one has to be deliberate, and points to the spot.  Just simply unbelievable stuff.  I don't expect referees to consider all the details of a play in the heat of the moment, but it's a shame, considering where the ball ended up after all of this.  It was out of bounds, like 10-12 yards away from the field.  This only happens if the ball isn't connected with.  So clearly their player found ours in the box and tried to draw contact (I guess it worked).  Abdulqawi Mohamed steps up to the stripe, walks up and stops maybe 3 different times, and buries it nicely into the upper left hand corner of the net.  1-0 FC Yemen.  On the way back to the center of the field, Bassam Harhara gives a few of our defenders the hush sign with an index finger over his mouth, staring them down while jogging backwards.  It didn't resonate too well with the opponents, as we scored literally 30 seconds later.  Justin Sims was played a nice through ball from the center (can't remember who), and he passed it over to Joe Conjerti who then relayed the ball to an inward darting Curtis Dorian who finished upper right corner to level the game.  

Whistle blew like 1-2 minutes later and half time had arrived.  We talked it over and felt like they were playing right into us, as they still hadn't attempted a shot at this point.

Second half begins and much like the first half, they controlled the ball mostly, but had no really good ideas on how to get past our back four.  Denied over and over again, which resulted in some dangerous counters for Queenston.  One that stands out in particular took place with maybe 15 to play, when Joe Farrell got in alone, dribbled around Otmane Boussag (who, off the field is a really nice guy, but on the field yesterday he was doing his very best to hurt our players with some dirty tackles, only 1 of which was carded) and unleashed a left footer, unfortunately right at their keeper, from about 18' out.  Another chance game from Troy Brady as he actually got around their keeper just inside the 18, but from a terrible angle, he crossed it back into Justin Sims, but to FC Yemen's credit, they smothered him and the surrounding area around the net, so we ultimately did not produce a clean look.

Only good look of the second half from the defending Tehel Cup champs was an Ali Shawish shot from distance that went over the bar by about a foot, although Netter appeared to be in the right spot in the event he was called upon to make a save.  Other than that, the only other action that came deep on that side of the pitch was a scuffle between a few of their players and ours, which always happens when these two teams meet.

The play of the game was a double save from Sammy Albakri with perhaps 3 minutes to go.  We get another dangerous free kick call after another nasty studs up clear out of our Justin Sims, which was borderline in the box (probably not, but close) and also borderline DOGSO (probably yes). No yellow/red seen for the foul - but when we argued the call, we got a yellow.  The free kick is taken, beats the wall, saved by Albakri, and Curtis Dorian is there from 6' out looking for a brace and a game winner, only to be denied by a really nice reactionary save again by their keeper. The ball scampers around freely in the box and we take a few half chances at a well protected net but ultimately cleared away from further danger.  Final whistle blows a couple minutes later and each team walks away with a point.

After sleeping on it, I think we ultimately should have taken 3 points here, but it was a gutty effort from our men to frustrate the hell out of these guys.  FC Yemen is skillful, but also filled with effort and desire, as they were outmatched yesterday size wise but kept winning 50/50's in the air and on the ground.  But they simply could not penetrate our 18' aside from the Adan scream (I think he's an alto, not a tenor), as Netter made maybe 1 save.

Queenston (0-1-1) makes its home debut this coming Sunday in Grand Island vs. BSC International (0-1-1).

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