Saints 4 - 0 FC Quake

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Saints 4 - 0 FC Quake

Post  mj1350 on Mon May 09, 2016 9:27 pm

Given it was Mother's day, and our game was a hour away, both Saints and Quake were left with barebones lineups. We had one sub, I think they may have had two, but I think a few of their guys were also injured, so it was a pretty even in that regard. Even though Kerri's illegitimate suspension had now been lifted, he had some kind of existential crisis last week and couldn't make it, along with about half the team. We did receive a huge boost in the form of Forest, who returned from injury to stabilize the back line.

This was a match where we really started to click, especially as the game wore on.

Quake started well, controlling early possession, but we soon realized we could pressure them into errors. I felt nearly all of our players were quicker to the ball. Jorge had an excellent game, playing quality through balls, winning every battle, and making sound decisions on the ball. Our first goal was kind of flukey, Caleb reacted first to a defensive error and swept the ball into the open net, but soon after that we started discovering how to use our advantages to maximum effect.

I was sent through on goal on a breakaway, but screwed up my angles and Eaton saved. A few minutes later we had a number of chances with Drew breaking away down the right channel and squaring across goal, but no one was there to put them away. Holmes did a ton a damage this game. He was impossibly quick and he would become even more of a menace in the second half. A through ball from me put one on a plate for drew late in the first half but he delayed too long and the defense cleared.

1-0 at Half

Drew scored early in the second half. I flicked on a header from a corner kick which was bobbled by Quake and fell right to Drew in the 6 yard box, who buried it.

We were having wild success counter attacking with route one football, and in the second half Quake gambled, pushing everyone forward into our half. So our strategy become to soak up the pressure and then counter as fast as was humanly possibly feasible. They'd methodically try to work it forward, we'd tackle, win the ball, and it became a downhill race to the Quake goal. Sarratori was absolutely flying this game, and he had a great second half from his lateral midfield position, it was a real coming of age performance from him. Holmes lysed their midfield. He'd just turn on the burners and accelerate away, and our counters were mainly a product of his industry, along with good combination play up front.

Our third and fourth goals came on counter attacks such as these, and we could have had quite a few more had we been more clinical. For the third, Albert and Caleb started the counter, and I spun a through ball for Drew sending him in alone on goal. Beautiful finish from Drew, sticking it in the far corner.

The fourth had been coming for a while, and finally arrived when Bizzy marauded down the right, won the physical battle with their defender then squared for Caleb who netted his second.

4-0 Full Time

O'Mara was very proactive in net, and comfortable with the ball at his feet. Excellent play from him and our defenders. Adonis' mom was on hand to watch him boss the back line.

Sir Ian was a fair ref. We had an obvious penalty shout waved off at 4-0 when Caleb was again up to no good taking on players in their box. I think the scoreline played a role in that decision, so we didn't complain all that much.

FC Quake proved to be very sporting hosts and they played a clean and respectful game. I think injuries and attendance hurt them Sunday, but it was the speed disparity that did them in.

Well played Quake, good luck the rest of the way.


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Re: Saints 4 - 0 FC Quake

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Mon May 09, 2016 10:29 pm

You have guys missing games for existential crises? Boy have I found a team to root for

Matt Marcin...z

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Re: Saints 4 - 0 FC Quake

Post  spfallon9432 on Tue May 10, 2016 9:13 am

I cant argue a ton with the assessment of this match other than some of the superlatives making Saints guys sound like EPL ballers versus us. Overall Saints team game was impressive and they did have some speed and a lot of skill that wore us out in the second half when we were down to about 8 healthy bodies on the field, but there was not any one individual who dazzled or was "impossibly" fast for us, more a good combination of players complementing well in the counter attack. Myself from the SW spot cant recall a single guy running past me with any flash-like speed, again the quality chances were more a derivative or good team play by Saints, outside our gaffes leading to the first two goals of course. We were missing 2 key starters and literally all top depth, and boy it showed 2nd half when we wore down.

First goal was very unfortunate for us in a game that felt pretty controlled to that point as Eaton flubbed a routine ball back to him right to an open Saint foot on top of the 18 leaving him helpless to save the routine placement into the open net. Rest of the half Saints definitely held the upper hand in the possession game, being very content to swing the ball around the back as we were content to stay more compact to the middle. They produced a couple forays with balls into the 18 as MJ said but none that felt very threatening, similar to our inability to hit the final pass after good buildups into the final third the entire match. Definitely was a partial product of quality defending by Saints backline, but boy we shot ourselves in the foot on no less than a dozen buildups into the final third that saw crosses or through-balls just time and time again missing their intended mark.

By halftime our two guys on the sidelines were shot with hamstring injuries, one of which came to the game with mot much intention of playing, Kerr was somehow still standing in the CM on a half of a leg, myself and Nick in the back were playing pretty beat up (Including my testicles that were yet to resurface after an early first half blast). Yet down 1-0 we didn't feel at all out of it and I thought started second half very well. We hand a handful of very tactical passing sequences that typically resulted in an OM or CM with a clean look to shoot or play a ball into the 18 where our Forwards were lurking, but we simply could not make the "tape to tape" pass when it counted Sunday. Usually balls were over-played or were too far out in front where the either harmlessly rolled to the endline wide or were in range of O'Mara's grasp. This trend went on for about first 12-15 minutes before Saints started really taking back over. The second goal was an absolute back-breaker in our physical condition. A good job by #8 to follow the ball after the corner just brushed a Saints head enough to throw Eaton's attempt to snare it off, leading to a juicy rebound on a tee rolling out to an unusually large unoccupied space, where he was first to it and drilled it home through a gap btwn our near post guy and Eaton.

From this 2-0 point on I don't have much to add other than we were absolutely running out of gas and limping around the field. Would not of felt quite as awful if we could of held the GD at 2 but we just didn't have the legs and as MJ described Saints did very well to take advantage of it and counter quickly against us when our MF was pushing for a goal, often times finding huge amounts of space and an advantage in numbers pressing into our half with pace. End result was a very disheartening 4-0 loss in a game we definitely felt we could get a positive result out of coming in. Simply put their 11 was the better, and healthier 11 today. I blame all our Mom's... Jokes aside good game from Saints, as MJ mentioned thought it was fairly civil, certainly nothing malicious all game and overall well officiated match as always from Ian, outside of AR's who don't know what offsides is apparently.

Hope to see you guys again in August with a well-attended and healthy squad. Time for us to get healthy and prepare for a big bounce back match this Sunday against a surprising upstart 3rd place Hamburg side.


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Re: Saints 4 - 0 FC Quake

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