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Post  david martinez on Fri May 13, 2016 10:29 am

I've gotta tip my hat to Sief and Kowi - their off-season acquisition of nifty midfielder Dre "Italian Stallion" Conte has already paid huge early season dividends for us [The Clarence "tryin' to earn back our respect" Coyotes].

Signori Conte's second goal [which proved to be the game-winner], early in the second half, was one of the best goals I've seen from a Coyote player since 2008 (when I had the honor of joining) - granted, I can't see much nowadays without my glasses, but, I was on the sideline and it was on that side. Ty Hamill made an excellent cross to Dre, who, initially thought about a bike, but decided - with his back to the goal - to flick it, slightly, with his right foot, spin around, and before it touched the ground, blast it in with his left! As I screamed out "Dre Day! Dre Day! Dre Day!" I couldn't help but think of Rick Jeanneret's famous playoff OT goal call.

Anyway, we traveled to OP Alliance last night for Tehel Cup round one. Most of the Scrappy Doos on the opposition seemed less than half my age. They played well. We Coyotes, however, controlled the supermajority of the 1st half. We were up two early (a super early PK [Incho]) and Dre's first. Nevertheless, the Alliance capitalized on their only two chances of the half (near the end) and took some wind out of our sails.

Early in the second, OP played hard and seemed to have gained some confidence. Our third goal came right on time, though. I feel like it got a wee bit chippy thereafter - and the chirping from the parents, however comical, did not help. It was fun, though. I love the enthusiasm!

So, things tightened up a bit for 10 minutes or so around the 60th minute. Then (65th minute) lo and behold, on steps the Coyote kid, the heart and soul of the squad, the quadragenarian king, David "yours truly" Martinez! It didn't take me long to make an impact - albeit verbally - on the game. I got called on a challenge and asked the ref if the foul was on me. Some dude on the sideline yelled out (sardonically), "no you didn't touch him...you guys complain on every call!" I just reiterated that I was talking to the ref (and not the dude in the orange shirt and a white haired-ponytail on the sideline) and then said, "OK." Two minutes later, a few of the guys were chirping away (a couple on the other team along with Derek "I'm going to Brazil next week" Meier) - Derek told the one dude, "Dave, I think you might be this kids father." Dude's response, (according to Derek - I didn't hear him) "Yeah, why is he even out here." Anyway, when I heard (partially) the chirping, I yelled out, "Fellas, let's stop talking and just finish!" That was just prior to a set piece....On the ensuing set piece, the unthinkable happened; brace yourselves....
..... the ball was crossed into the box, an Alliance defender headed it out - a strong header, but low --- I was positioned well, near the 18 - it was maybe three feet off the ground, I got low (get low, get low, get low, get low (song)), chested that puppy down, got over that bad boy and lasered that mf through the crowd and past the goalie - left side netting!

Huge goal.

I don't recall hearing any more chirping from pony-tail, nor from anyone other than me after that.

4-2 final. Kowi was a monster on D. Our entire back line was very, very good. JJ was beastly as always. Tyler and Derek were speed demons. Sief played well - his fitness regimen is paying off. LP1 made a big save with about 5 minutes left to keep us comfortable.

I think the youngens on OP Alliance played well and are a good team. In a few years they will probably be beastly if they stick together.

On to round two.

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