FC Quake 2 Hamburg Monarchs 0

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FC Quake 2 Hamburg Monarchs 0

Post  spfallon9432 on Sun May 15, 2016 11:06 pm

I instilled a rule on myself for writing recaps, and am breaking it week 3...Just wide awake, very clear picture of the game just played and nothing all that heated to process.

6pm kick against what somewhat surprised us to see 3rd place Monarchs squad at Nike Base. No need to get crazy about the weather as its all we have heard about and I am sure we will see a ton of it on the other write ups. It was windy as all hell, cold, but didn't rain in Hamburg so really wasn't that bad (Nothing compared to the 40 degree hurricane conditions from week 4 last year). While the wind certainly wreaked havoc at times for both teams, both teams played in it and it had no impact on the final scoreboard. On to the match.

We have been really been bitten hard by the injury bug so far this year, leading to us showing up with 15 but several either playing injured or coming back from somewhat serious injuries today to help out, and we lost one more early 2nd half. Hamburg I think had 18 or more. First half started with nothing to write home about either way...a lot of long balls, no long stretches of possession for either side. We knew we had something to exploit against them on the wings and definitely emphasized that sort of attack today despite being down 2/3 of our best OM's. First goal of match came about 20 minutes in after a decent build up from the wing led to a feed in to A. Kerr who sent a neat through ball to C. Walker to corner of 18. Walker (Boy did we miss this guy last week) out hustled/muscled a couple Monarch defenders and their GK and saw Iwankow entering the 18 all alone and fed a nice easy ball out to space for the easy finish. 1-0 Quake. Not long later an unfortunate unintentional handball at the top corner of our 18 gave Monarchs a gift to equalize in a game where they were yet to produce anything remotely threatening yet, Hayes stepped to the spot, took a pretty nice shot with pace but Eaton, as he seams to almost always do, guessed right and extended the big mitt to knock it out for a corner. HUGE moment in the match. Rest of the half saw little offensive from Hamburg, and not much more than little from us. 1-0 Quake at half. Had we somehow lost or even conceded in this match I probably would have a lot to say about the officiating tonight but im just going to refrain, its a broken record in the BDSL that isn't going to change unfortunately...

Monarchs looked to make an adjustment at half dropping Hayes to an ACM role primarily and it did lead to their 1 or 2 good chances in second half. I thought it was a very ragged game second half, with little sustained possession either direction because of the wind making anything in the air impossible to settle clean or often times even come close to touching, and the very uneven, surprisingly hard pitch doing the same to balls on the ground. Our second came off a quick break out of our half that found N. Lafko with time and space about 40 yards out on the left wing where he played a strong driven ball into the 18 where a charging A. Kerr managed to beat the wind, defender and keeper with a perfectly directed header under the bar from about 13-15 yards out. 2-0 Quake somewhere around 65th to 70th minute.

From here game continued on in its very ragged fashion but did see Hamburg press and create a couple chances to make it interesting off very questionable set piece calls and one or two semi-dangerous moments from Hayes dribbling out of the ACM spot. Eaton was tested on 1-2 decent shots but ultimately handled everything well to see the game out to a 2-0 cleansheet. We did what we needed to do for a solid W tonight but really did not feel all that tested for about 85/90 minutes. For all the accolades and chatter about the combo of Hayes/Hamister, they just didn't feel dangerous tonight, maybe just a bad night for them, boy are they fun to defend though. Pretty much from the PK save on they may of produced the most complaining and just laughable smack talk I have ever heard from a duo. Makes life as a defender so much more fun against people like that! Good looks though some was pretty witty, even after cloth-lining people or cleat-raking the back of guys legs after the play has headed up field, and then talking-poop like they were the ones fouled. Rolling Eyes

Other than those guys mouths and antics, Hamburg had nothing but class and played a good clean game. A lot of respect for guys like Buckley who run competitive, well-organized teams like the Monarchs year in and year out. Surly they'll feel as though they just didn't have it tonight and that's fine by us. See them again very soon in our Tehel Cup match one of the next 2 Thursday evenings, lets just hope for temps above 50!


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