Devils 5 GWB 0

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Devils 5 GWB 0

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon May 16, 2016 6:38 am

what in the hell was with the weather yesterday? I believe we had all 4 seasons during our game at Walden Pond.

Devils showed with 12? to begin the game ended up with 15, but maybe 10 healthy guys. few guys with swollen ankles, knee, back, hamstring issues, that old age will get ya playing 3 games in 7 days.
GWB had 11 but a 12th showed early on.
1st Half.
GWB pushed and had Devils back on their heels the first 10-15 minutes, Devils couldn't figure out what we were doing with guys playing new positions all over. about 20-25 mins in Devils GK Richie went to collect a rolling ball and a GWB fwd came rushing in, had no chance at the ball and Richie did protect himself by putting his knee up as the fwd had no chance at getting the ball, ref blew whistle gave us a free kick. Richie played the ball to Chris Wzontek who flicked it on to a rushing Shawn Powers in on net alone, was able to dance around until he found Ryan Acanfora back post for the tap in 1-0 Devils. It would stay this way until half. Devils had a few chances but seemed to be offside or not able to hit the net (myself included as always)
2nd Half.
We were down to 13 "healthy" guys and GWB had an injury in the first which made them go down to 11. 5 mins into 2nd half, Lucas Metzger played a corner kick back post to the 6 and Chris Wzontek was able to head it in, goalie made a save but it was too late as ball already crossed the line. 2-0.
15 Mins later, Shawn power was able to make a good run into the 18, played the ball to DJ Cook who instantly gave it back to Powers who slotted it for the 3-0 lead.
35 mins in Dan Istas played a ball from the back over the defenders, Chris Wzontek was in on net alone, goalie came out but stopped at the 18 for some reason as the ball died in the high grass, placed the ball over the goalie for the 4-0 lead.
44 min, Shawn powers made a nice run again into the 18 and saw Chris Wzontek trailing who was able to slide it past the goalie for his 3rd of the game and 5-0 lead.
GWB is a good team, would like to see them with their full squad and on a better cut field, their record does not reflect their ability.
Best of luck rest of season, Beers were had at Goodbar after. Twisted Evil
Almost had to have a "anchorman" fight at Goodbar when a few Rust Belt players came rolling in after their 1-1 tie of REV.


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