Revolution 2 (1) - RBU 0 (1)

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Revolution 2 (1) - RBU 0 (1)

Post  ajbalsd on Mon May 16, 2016 8:11 am

Well, the field and wind were the same for both teams, which sucked all around. The officials seemed to focus more on keeping warm than actually paying attention to the game. Anyway, to the game....

Revolution had the better play in the first half, scoring quickly off of a nice cross from Andy Page that found Nate O'Donnell in the center, who calmly placed the ball into the back of the net on a nice header. Then came our second goal. It is one of those times where you replay the scene over and over again, seeing just how many ways you could have done something different. One of the RBU forwards snuck behind our LB and broke in on net. Frank Huber came out to cut down the angle (or to grab the ball, which seemed to just die in the tall grass). Either way, it worked. The RBU forward sent a ball just outside of Frank's reach, towards the far post. Now, here is where I should tell you that I just stopped the ball, turned, and fired it out. Where the RBU player who I thought was right on my back was actually a few yards away. Or any of 20 different things that I should have done. However, I just went for the good old clearing shot. The only problem was my CB was hustling back to make a play as well. My clearing attempt caught him square in the knee, and the ball rocketed back into the net. Totally my fault on the play. I really hope all of my rust came off, because there was a lot! We ended the half with a few more chances, but could not find the back of the net.

The second half was more of the same from us, but RBU had more chances as well. Most of their chances went wide, or just missed a streaking player. Most of our chances were stopped by the RBU keeper, who played an outstanding game, and was the difference in keeping it 1-1. The AR on our side was absolutely horrendous. I am not sure he called one offside the whole half, even though there were at least three blatant fouls. Anyways, we couldn't finish and the RBU keeper played out of his mind. Hence the tie. We will now thaw out for a few days, and regroup for next week (and this Thursday). Good luck to RBU moving forward.

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