Rangers 2 Bantu 2

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Rangers 2 Bantu 2

Post  Pszafranek on Mon May 16, 2016 8:44 am

Typical Sunday BDSL weather 45 and windy as can be out at D'Youville for our 6 oclock start. I believe Bantu showed up with 14 or 15 and we started with the same which with thought was going to initially be 17 or 18, so that was a bit of a stinger.

Kick off starts and we have the early go of possession, but while losing the coin flip our first half was playing into the wind which made it a little more difficult seeing that the winds were probably 20 mph down on the waterfront. Within I'd say the first 10-15 I played a ball over the top to Aaron Gartner, who tracked the ball well in the air since it decided to just hang in the wind for a little while. Aaron brings the ball down beats a defender or 2 and slides it in near post for a 1-0 lead early. After this goal we began to press a little and possession went back both ways, but with us having more actual scoring chances. But then, by the 20-25 minute mark we lose 2 of our subs to injuries, one of them being Dom Parisi who has been a lethal attack for us thus far on the season. After this Bantu gets there first goal on a play that both the ref should have handled and bantu should have had much better sportsmanship. One of our players was down in our attacking end, as bantu counters. Now I have zero complaints about them playing out this counter, but when we clear the ball out of their attacking zone and ask them to play it out when the ball was at centerfield as some of our guys attempt to go see if our player is ok they instead continue to play through where they end up getting a goal. Extremely classless especially seeing that not even 5 minutes prior we stopped play and let them retain possession after one of their players going down. But it is what it is and play resumes. Half time comes and the scoreline is 1-1.

Second half starts and we have the wind to our back this time and we come out strong, using the wind to our advantage we come up with a decent amount of chances. About 15 minutes into the 2nd half we get caught pressing to much and they counter nicely for their 2nd goal. We end up getting another injury, and Aaron is no longer a go due to a rolled ankle, which hurt because he was having his way with their defense today. So now we have to close out the game with 1 sub at best, and possession goes back and forth like it did the whole game. We had a couple breaks on goal where their keeper made some good saves to keep us from getting our 2nd to tie the game. As we approach stoppage time Jackson Hamilton sneaks one into the side netting after a Ryan Dobos shot that was deflected and dropped to Jackson nicely. He was overdue this game for a goal as he had a couple of nice chances turned wide by their keeper. Shortly after our equalizer the final whistle was blown.

All in all I liked our effort and believe we were the better team today and even tho we didn't walk away with the 3 points that I believe we would have had if our guys stayed healthy through the game. The one point we stole from Bantu felt good because our team never gave up and props to everyone. Bantu has good talent on their team and they will be pestering to many teams this year, but a bunch of young pre madonnas who like to roll on the ground and kick balls after the whistle to kill time. Ref should have handled that better because he didn't card anyone for killing time until probably the 10th person. But good luck to bantu the rest of the way, I honestly hope we run into them again.


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Re: Rangers 2 Bantu 2

Post  MitchAC on Wed May 18, 2016 11:33 am

We had a similar event occur in our Tehel Cup against Bantu. One of their players went down in "agony," rolling around the ground. They continued to play out their chance. Once we retained possession of the ball we were screamed at to kick the ball out so they could check on them. We did so even though we were annoyed that he was on the ground for a solid two minutes, being ignored by his team. Bantu would then throw the ball back in to themselves instead of back to us. Rolling Eyes


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