Even in the Left Lane, the BUSS can't pass the SchroenTrain!

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Even in the Left Lane, the BUSS can't pass the SchroenTrain!

Post  david martinez on Mon May 16, 2016 2:08 pm

LP1, Jimmy, and I are old enough to remember when cartoons were only on during Saturday mornings. Well, one of my favorites was the Jetsons. A futuristic family with a mother, father, son, daughter, dog and a robot. The robot was, basically, a domestic worker. She was unassuming, had super good manners, did a great job at anything and everything she was asked to do, and, if need be, could lift up a couch with one hand...I thought of that robot when I gave Ryan "the robot" Schroen that new nickname last night. That dude is a robot. Unbelievably consistent, unassuming, great manners, super human/robot-like speed, skill, and strength (for his size), and happily does anything and everything that is asked. Monster...

Although there were a few flakes just prior to the game, we had our best Sunday weather of this early season last night. The field at Sahlens was pristine, and the ref crew was nearly flawless.

We Coyotes controlled 75-80% of the play during the first half. We had the bulk of the opportunities (although LP1 had to make a tough save off of an early Ian screamin' knuckler) and converted on one late in the first when Sprrrrregerr took a shot up close, the BUSS goalie made the initial save, and then Sprrrrreggerrr fired the rebound right in. 1-0 at half.

BUSS controlled the first 5-7 minutes of the second half, but Clarence continued to out possess for the duration of the game (maybe 65-35% 2nd half). Most of BUSS' touches were long balls on counters. Although they had some dude with a whole bunch of strength and speed and great skill who had 4 or 5 scary runs through 3 or 4 of our troops in the middle and final thirds. That guy is a beast (maybe #15 or #25).

Well, all of our possession and chances finally came to fruition when JJ (who played very, very well - as per the norm) made a very nice pass to Incho (in the box). Incho brought the ball down extremely well and finished nicely. 2-0, good guys. A PK was called during a corner kick and BUSS finished.

2-1 final.

The win catapults us into 4th place.

Gary controlled the middle nicely and directed us well as well. The entire back line was great. AZ and Dre had a very good game too.

Good luck to BUSS and to Clarence going forward.

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