Queenston FC 5, BSC International 0

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Queenston FC 5, BSC International 0

Post  Raider9726 on Mon May 16, 2016 5:34 pm

Game was played yesterday at 6pm out in Grand Island, the Parliament's new home for this year, and perhaps many years moving forward because this field was almost flawless.  Considering playing games in the past at The Fort and the Youngstown Vet Park, we got used to bumpy, hilly, crappy fields, and this was none of the above.

I believe BSC brought 17 to this game, although Nate Holler saw no time (probably an injury) and we dressed and played 18.  So players were plentiful on this blustery chilly day.  The road team wore white, and we wore our signature neons.

In the first half, we had the wind at our backs when attacking, and I'd say for the first 30 minutes, we controlled almost the entire game on their side of the pitch.  Lots of clever passing, some really good looks on net, but ultimately, we were tossing away quality opportunities.  Arcara with a point blank save in there from Sims from 6' out too.  0-0.

BSC International then showed some signs of life over the next 10 minutes or so, as the game temporarily opened up and they had a few dangerous moments ultimately squandered by their inability to pull the trigger and take some shots, including one clear breakaway that from my angle on the field, felt like it took 30 seconds to play out (this field is MASSIVE by the way).  Their most lethal player up top I thought was Ali Sheikh, but he didn't play as much as you'd expect.  Anyway, we got on the board first with maybe 5 minutes to go in the first half on a counter, which started with a nice long ball down the right hand side from Greg Hoffman.  Ross Suitor dummied the play to perfection; temporarily freezing their left back, and Frank Cotroneo overlapped the play and corralled the ball, and took it to the house with a near post finish.  We took the 1-0 lead to half.

All in all, a good half, one that we thought would have returned another goal or two, but we were confident that our back four would remain generally untested.

In the second half, we now had the wind in our faces, but this to our surprise ended up being easier, as recovery runs with the wind were that much simpler to accomplish, and plus, it seemed collectively, International was running out of gas (or desire).  We ended up tacking on a few goals in quick succession, all of which were initiated by Ross Suitor.  To be more specific, our 2nd goal was a cross from Suits to an unmarked right winger in Tony Galvano, who powered home the finish.  Minutes later, Suitor sent in Erik Kastner to the right side of the box, and he put a wonderfully placed ball into the left side netting.  The fourth goal was registered to Joe Farrell and I cannot remember the specifics, but it was that curly blonde haired freak again with the helper.

The fifth goal was kind of funny in that Farrell sent in a cross from maybe the edge of the box on the left hand side and Eric Albrecht was awaiting the tap in chance, only to stub his foot in the ground, and the ball carried over to Justin Sims who was caught off guard initially, but put enough on the ball to carry it over the line and into the net.  

The last ten minutes we sat back for the most part and absorbed some decent looks that Inter generated, whether it was a slight let down in effort on our part or a sudden intensity from our opponents, I'm not sure, but either way, we did enough to preserve the clean sheet. Netter deserved this one, with some nice late saves, and this was actually the second consecutive game without conceding during the run of play.

Good luck to BSC Inter moving forward.  I think they'll get some points here and there if they figure out how to get their strikers involved more often in the best way that suits their team.

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Re: Queenston FC 5, BSC International 0

Post  MitchAC on Wed May 18, 2016 11:37 am

Don't give our secret away about the field... We missed it a lot this past week.


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