Crimson 4 - Cheektowaga 2

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Crimson 4 - Cheektowaga 2

Post  MitchAC on Wed May 18, 2016 11:47 am

Man did we miss the Island last week. As we dodged the rain/snow at JFK High School we battled about 6-8 inches of grass and high winds. We ended up having 4-5 subs and Cheektowaga had about 3-4 but we were missing key players in Mike Asbach and Jared Billica. Game started off with us possessing it as well as you could with that much grass. Brendan Altman got a nice ball from Joe Stogner down the left side who crossed it over to Jamie Asbach who took it down from his chest and blasted it with his left in the air. Out second goal was almost identical as Brendan, down the left side cross to Jamie but this time Jamie decided to flick it over to a wide-open Dan Tarbell who put it in for his first. Cheektowaga would get one about 25' in with a nice flick of their own to a guy who slotted it right past Dylan. Right before half the goalie tried to throw the ball to one of their forwards which I intercepted and played up to Fenesse Henry who tapped it over to Tarbell for his second of the game. HT 3-1.

Second half started and not 5' in Fenesse went up the right side, passed it to Corben Hamiester who had a nice play to Tarbell giving him a hat trick. At that point we definitely let off the peddle, something we must avoid in the future which allowed Cheektowaga to gain some possession, even a break-away which Dylan stopped. We had our chances but instead of neatly passing, everyone wanted to score or get on the stat sheet themselves. Cheektowaga would get a second one on a beautiful give and go, making no mistake about where to go. Dylan had some great saves for us, especially after driving 2 and a half hours from his Empire game to play in.

Cheektowaga has a bunch of great guys who didn't take the game too seriously. Always great to play with those. They had one hothead (18), who tried to start a fight with three of our games at the end but what team doesn't have one of those? I didn't have much to say about the refs but my guys thought the Center was poor, especially after he told me that he wasn't carding anyone today at half time. Interesting. Good luck to Cheektowaga for the rest of the season.


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