Revolution 2 - Haz Benz 2

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Revolution 2 - Haz Benz 2

Post  ajbalsd on Tue May 24, 2016 7:06 am

Well, this is a pretty typical match summary of any game with HB. It was a very physical game, not too many chances, and some flopping/really bad calls/no calls. But, that really hasn't changed in the past few games with the centers we have had.

The game was pretty tight to start, and we didn't really start playing until the 2nd half. The first half saw HB take it to us, with plenty of chances. They ended up scoring on a corner. This is where a call should have been made. One of their forwards got away with a very blatant two handed shove of our D to get to the ball, which deflected to the top of the box. The shot taken wasn't a very hard one, but it had eyes, and found its way into the net. 1-0 HB. We ended the half with not much to show for in the form of chances.

The second half saw us crank up the pressure a bit. We started playing the way we wanted, and it showed. About half way through, the ball found its way to me just inside HB's half. Instead of sending it into the box, I fed Andy Page wide, down the wing. He sent a great cross into the box, and Nate O'Donnell headed it into the net. 1-1. HB built up a little pressure after that, and was the beneficiary of a good play made by Andy. With their forward coming in, Andy stepped up, pushed him wide, and got the ball off of his foot. Unfortunately, the ball was sent screaming by me, and right into a streaking striker, who was quicker on the play. He sent a perfect ball into the side panel. Very unlucky for us, but good on them to capitalize. We doubled our efforts after that, and it paid off. Ryan Pulaski sent a beautiful corner into the box and Corey DeVille drilled a header right off of the D-man guarding the post. It skimmed right off of his head, tough play for the D to get up and get it. We kept the pressure on after that, but were unable to find the back of the net. It was a good come back for us, but we still felt we left a few out there. We will take this weekend to regroup and come back strong for our next Tehel Cup game. Good luck to HB the rest of the way.

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