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FC Quake 6:0 Hamburg Monarchs Empty FC Quake 6:0 Hamburg Monarchs

Post  aeaton on Thu May 26, 2016 10:06 pm

The match was rescheduled from last Thursday at the Nike Base to tonight at Wendt Beach down in Derby. The pitch was small and narrow and a rock, the 18 was only 15 yards too (I walked it off prior to kick looked to small). Luck would have us win the coin toss and attack towards the road with the sun to our backs, the sun was brutal not sure if the goals were a result of it but that sun was nasty. Hamburg showed with 1 sub and we had 1 and a half subs an injured player who continues to gut it out luckily he received much rest tonight!. So it was a pretty even match for numbers wise.

First half started a bit back and fourth no real threats on either side. I would say FCQ had a little better of the possession maybe 60-40 nothing crazier than that. We were able to move the ball around pretty well had Hamburg running around which would become evidence of a late first collapse on Hamburgs part. You could see as we neared the half hour mark Hamburg was on their heels a little more and started to look tired. I think the first goal came around the 35 minute mark as Walker sent Iwankow in for his first of the night. Just moments after the goal Reid burned down the wing found Walker to make it 2-0 probably around the 37 minute mark. The final goal of the half would again come just moments after the second as Bonadonna took a nice free kick into the box to find Iwankow for his second of the night 3-0 had to be the 39' I assume. Hamburg just lost anything that was going for them at in those very quick moments of the match. Up until this collapse I thought Hamburg was playing smart and at times were moving the ball around very well.

Second half was a little different than the first Hamburg came out with a bit of a hop in their step and started to get better looks in the attacking third. They had a few great chances but just could not capitalize on them. Im guessing here but I think it was around the 55' Reid put on his burners and just flew down once again to find Walker for his second of the night 4-0 FCQ. The last half hour of the match was a little back and fourth nothing really worth noting Hamburg had a few solid chances in the later stages of the match. Iwankow did find Fisher for the fifth goal on the night probably around the 80'. Then Walker tried to kill the clock at the corner we received a throw in, Walker made no mistake with the throw finding Solomon's head and in for a 6-0 final as the whistle blew on the kickoff.

The scoreline does Hamburg no justice they're a solid club, I would say they were missing a few key pieces tonight but so were we, so I think that evens each other out. The breakdown near the end of the first half is what did them in. Hamburg will bounce back they have a great squad. I expect them to have a good month in June and battle for playoffs in the division, good luck the rest of the way!


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