3rd Division May Grades

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3rd Division May Grades Empty 3rd Division May Grades

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:05 am

3rd Division May Grades

Aurora Aresnal
C- Hard to fault these guys going 1-3 in May with their opening slate of opponents. An easier June awaits then so they might push up the table here before leveling back out to my expected finish for them.
Preseason: 8th
May: 8th

Celtic Classic
C  Not great here. I’m sure their minds aren’t going to be 100% on soccer going forward though so this team to me could do anything at this point and I won’t be surprised.
Preseason: 3rd
May:  11th

B+  Up and down for them. At first glance I thought they were turning into a threat in D3 but looking at their opponents I’m not so sure anymore. A win against Youngstown would go along way for their playoff aspirations.
Preseason: 11th
May: 4th

Dutch FC
B  I maybe expected more from them even though they are 3-1-0. The scorelines are closer then I would have liked for my preseason favorite. Injuries have plagued them. I think they’ll be 5-1-1 at minimum at end of June. Shame they blew it in Tehel Cup.
Preseason: 1st
May:  2nd

FC Aftershock
C+  Haven’t really done enough one way or the other to garn them moving them up or down from my preseason ranking.  They beat PLYSA today and I’ll be more impressed. They’ll go as far as Patterson can take them.
Preseason: 10th
May: 9th

FK Bosna
B-  These guys are just so erreactic much like all the reports I hear about their on field play and behavior. Its really hard for me to support them as a playoff team but one one else has really stepped up to remove them so they remain in for me.
Preseason: 5th
May:  5th

Great White Buffalo
D-  Replace all references about Rugs to my Great White Buffalo stock and this clip sums up my new thoughts on them pretty nicely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf-RWEBRH_w
Preseason: 6th
May: 12th

Haz Benz
D  Yikes what happened here? Goals are hard to come by for Haz Benz so it will be interesting to see if someone can step up into that role for them. Tough June schedule so it needs to come quick.
Preseason: 9th
May:  10th

A  Calmly taking care of business here, Lasalle’s defensive record is pretty impressive. Looking forward to their back to back games v Dutch FC and Marksmen to see what the bar is for them going forward.
Preseason: 4th
May:  3rd  

Revolution SC
C  I’d be interested to hear about what happened in the Rust Belt game. An average start for a team I expected to have an up and down type year. A tough June slate for them we’ll set the table going forward for their expectations.
Preseason: 7th
May:  7th

Rust Belt United
B-  I mean how can you be hard on them? Anytime they grab points I’m happy for them. Defensively they just aren’t very good so its good to see they have some scoring now to keep things interesting week in and out.
Preseason: 13th
May:  13th

Stone Jug
C+  Maybe I prematurely buried them with the loses. Antonucci is pulling the strings in the midfield and they remain a formidable team week in and week out. They have three very tough games in June but I think they’ll earn enough to stay in the hunt and ride out a easy July.
Preseason: 12th
May:  6th

Youngstowne Marksmen
A+  Hottest team in 3rd for me right now is Youngstown. They played 3 pretty teams in June and won them all. Some spread out scoring options and a solid d core led by Hastings in net has them in 2nd but looking like the best D3 side.
Preseason: 2nd

May:  1st

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3rd Division May Grades Empty Re: 3rd Division May Grades

Post  ajbalsd on Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:42 pm

Just have a look at my recap of our game against Rust Belt. Tough to lose/tie when the team never scores on you......but we managed to pull it off...

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