Premier May Grades

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Premier May Grades

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:09 am

Premier May Grades

Amherst Sharpshooters
A+ ††Not only have they gone undefeated thru May, theyíve secured a win vs arch rival Raiders, who are the only team to score on them all season in all comps. The backline has been superb while Steele has picked up right where he left off in 2015. For me its huge to have Loncar in more of his preferred creator role. Top to bottom the best the league has to offer right now.
Preseason: 2nd
May: 1st

BSC International
D+ ††As expected the goals for this side are just so hard to come by. Too much pressure is being constantly applied to the back line and they havenít coped while allowing 14. Their opening schedule was daunting so there is some relief coming but theyíll be in the relegation zone most all season as most forsaw.
Preseason: 12th
May: 12th

BSC Raiders
A †††Can anyone stop Kendall McFayden? So far he looks to be in top form pouring in the goals in Tehel Cup and league play. Its hard to find any holes here and the addition of Donaldson Iím sure is in direct response to the loss to Amherst. I doubt they drop another game this season (maybe week 11 if they forfeit)
Preseason: 1st
May: 2nd

Buffalo United SS
D ††A playoff contender 2 seasons running they look anything but this season. The chemistry just hasnít been there. If Clifford isnít available then goals are a struggle and the defense has aged enough where its not as sturdy for them. They need to find the right combination as before the time runs on their already faint playoff hopes.
Preseason: 6th
May: 8th

Celtic United
C †††Tough go early on for this team in getting numbers at games. Best news is those my have been against teams they lose to anyways in Amherst and Raiders especially. They have a decent schedule ahead of them. They need Wasson and Berardi to take over the offense. I have faith in them still and think they can get back into the playoff battle.
Preseason: 8th
May: 6th

A- †††This is more of the side I was expecting in 2015. Conte is quickly gaining steam as transfer of the year as his influence out wide has done wonders to open up the game for them. Boughton looks revitalized as well with the reinforcements. Some big early results have them in good position to challenge for the playoffs. Theyíll have to do better then a 4-0 loss to Raiders though to be considered a top Premier team once again though. Still plenty to like about the direction they are headed.
Preseason: 9th
May: 6th

FC Yemen
C+ †A big win over Yemen Elite has fizzled out as I think the week to week grind of a full Premier slate is taking a bit of a toll. This is a young side with talent but asking them to play week in and out vs big stronger teams has been tough. I think last two results v SoHo and Raiders are telling. At the same time unless they totally implode I think theyííll be save. The next three game stretch is BRUTAL though. If they mentally survive that theyíll stay up.
Preseason: 11th
May: 9th

Queenston FC
B+ †††Starting to flex some scoring muscle towards the end of the month Queenston have positioned themselves solidly for a playoff push. Suitor, when on, proving to be one of the best players in premier. The defense hasnít missed a beat with Hoffman sliding in for Barnes. †This game vs Rogue will either position them as a top 4 side or move them back into the middle of the pack.
Preseason: 7th
May: 4th

Rogue FC
B- ††A hot start has slowed a bit with two missed chances at key points have them just outside of the playoffs. I donít have much to say about that win over Depew. †June is an easier month for them aside from the Queenston game. They should be able to build enough points to have them back safely in the playoffs before a tough July run. All in all I think when their they are the 3rd best team in the league right now.
Preseason: 5th
May: 3rd

Roos FC
D+ ††What has been our strength has turned south as we are super leaky defensively right now. It hasnít been pretty. After 2 steps forward in the Yemen games with took 3 back with the Tehel loss. Offensively we can compete but our depth and d will be tested all year. June is a tough stretch for us and weíll need 3 points vs BSC Inter at minimum to have a chance to stay up. Iím skeptical right now.
Preseason: 10th
May: 11th

B †††Sorta ho hum for the Burger Boys (credit to Ben for this name). Aside from the puzzling draw v BSC Inter they are performing as expected. All the usual contributors have been performing aside from S. Butcher who is still goalless which I find odd. They look to be a bit strong in the back this season too. They are probably a playoff lock but Iím unsure if they can challenge Raiders or Sharpshooters.
Preseason: 4th
May: 5th

Yemen Elite
F ††††What is going on with them I really donít know. Their indoor form was so promising so I guess I just mis read this completely. They are the worst defensive team in the league right now. Iím not sure if its just they donít have defenders (probable) or they options they have arenít performing. Offensively they are promising. Rahman on the wing has been particularly dangerous. The biggest issue I have with them is the remaining schedule feature 6 of 7 games vs teams I think make the playoffs. So they need to turn it around quickly or their premier status is in serious question.
Preseason: 3rd
May: 10th

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