FC Aftershock 2, Haz Benz 2

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FC Aftershock 2, Haz Benz 2

Post  dpatterson on Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:44 am

Game was played out at Ives Pond on what seemed like a wide but short field. Aftershock showed up with 17 while Haz Benz had 5-6 on the bench.

Aftershock came out slow (we tend to do that) and Haz Benz took advantage of it. A miscommunication on the backline of Aftershock led to a weird deflection over our goalies head and into the net. 0-1. Aftershock was unable to string together any sort of possession and kept turning the ball over early. Midway through the first half Haz Benz plays the ball long, it bounces up and our goalie goes to punch it away but instead collides with a Haz Benz player and our defender too. Our goalie ends up landing on the Haz Benz player who leaves the game with what looked to be a broken nose. Ref awards a PK and Haz Benz capitalizes. 0-2. Aftershock started to possess the ball a little and towards the end of the half Brandon Bernards cross ends up finding the back of the net. 1-2. Halftime. Aftershock come out and apply some pressure in the second half but nothing dangerous until midway through when the ball bounces in Haz Benz own 18, their player clears it perfectly past his goalie into the upper 90. 2-2. Game started to open up a little and towards the end Aftershock had a few chances but couldn't put them on frame.

Overall very sloppy game by Aftershock and we were lucky to escape with 1 point. As we look ahead we know we will need to turn things around and string together a few Ws to be in the playoff hunt. Aftershock hoping to finally play on their home field (Hamburg High School) next week vs Great White Buffalo, but we still await for the nets to be put up...


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