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Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:23 am

Devils showed with 12, ended up with 14, back to 13 after injury.
YOUNGstown showed probably at 230 for warm ups and 18-19. Seriously were doing line changes throughout the game.

Devils came out pretty quick... had 3 chances within the first 5 minutes where the goalie made a nice save especially on a cross from the side of 18 was going back side netting and goalie was able to get in front of it somehow to keep it out of the net. BAD giveaway by Devils minutes later led to 2 passes and a perfect shot by Colin Okeefe, far post, 1-0 YOUNGstown.
About 5 minutes later Devils had 2-3 chances to clear the ball in 18 and couldn't, #11 on YOUNGstown was able to volley the ball past a screened Devils keeper who got a hand on it but had no chance. 2-0 YOUNGstown.
late Tackle by mid on YOUNGstown led to the games 1st yellow.
last play of 1st half questionable shoulder to the blind side ear of a Devil. no call.
Devils thought we would have the wind and sun to our advantage, but sun went away and rain picked up slightly, enough to make ball skip. Rog Martin was able to clear a ball from the back to Chris Wzontek who was able to chip it up to a streaking Shawn Powers who was able to make a move on 1 defender and put it short side past the keeper 2-1. YOUNGstown went into a new formation 4-5-1 to hold onto the lead. Devils were gased the 2nd half and couldn't find that 2nd equalizer. Injury bug has plague the devils with players out for a variety of reasons including a grade 2 hamstring tear. Minor scuffle during the game due to some after play shenanigans. 1 yellow to each side.
Terrible corner kick clearing attempt by Devils with 5 minutes left. ball seriously bounced off our own players a good 3 times before dropping to a YOUNGstown striker who had a tap in past our keeper 3-1.
Best of luck the rest of the season, not sure I can see these guys playing in D3 next year, #99 and #11 have some skill and controlled the middle. easily see them in top 2 of D3 and into D2 next year.

as of us.... bad giveaways have cost us the last 2 games. hope to get on a hot streak VS Yemen on Thursday... lol who am I kidding, we need a 7 goal handicap. take a nice ride out to Wilson Sunday vs Stonejug. see u sunday. Twisted Evil


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