An Aging Celtic Club Clips Clarence Coyotes

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An Aging Celtic Club Clips Clarence Coyotes

Post  david martinez on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:47 am

We Coyotes threw everything (including the kitchen sink and (almost) a Katz haymaker) at Soho (nee Celtic) last night, but they responded with two butchers, a baker, and a candlestick maker, and had the last laugh.

I told Sully (Soho's MVP) after the match that I wasn't going to post anything today because I was a sore loser, but, I thought, what the hay...

I arrived about 15 minutes late (coaching my son's U10 game (DSC sporting 5-3 W vs. Amherst Royals) at the AIM cup (Martinez netted 2)) while JJ had to leave at halftime due to his coaching priority at the cup as well.  There will be a poll posted later on today inquiring as to the absence of whom was more sorely missed by our squad...

We lost, so I am not gonna go into much detail.  Bottom line is that Soho continue to beat us almost every time we play.  They are big and strong.  However, I think this is the first year that we were the better team.  Problem is, only the score matters.  The first half was, basically, evenly matched.   Clarence, however, controlled a bit more of the possession and had a bit more pace.  We had more opportunities, but Ski and the posts saved the day.  The mark of a very good team is finishing - although Soho only had a handful of chances, they capitalized, and scored two in the first half.  

2-0 at half (bad guys).

Second half was controlled, for the most part, by the 2010 Tehel Cup Champions (Clarence Coyotes).  We showed a patient desperation and created a number of quality scoring opportunities.  Tyler had a pretty left footed looper (from (exactly) 27 yards out) over a charging keeper midway through the second to cut the lead in half.

We couldn't bury a knotter and lost.  Soho jumps into 4th place.  We drop down to 5th.

We are already preparing for next year's 2 o'clock turf tilt vs. them...

More pressing, however, is our preparation for a big 2nd round Tehel Cup matchup on Thursday.

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