Revolution (blue balls) 1 - GWB 1

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Revolution (blue balls) 1 - GWB 1

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:55 am

Well, simply put, we just can't seem to finish. I don't think anyone even finished their beers after the game......anyways

It was tight on both sides. We only had 11, and GWB started with two subs (maybe three, I couldn't remember). The clouds gave way to the sun just in time for kickoff. It seemed the temperature went up about 15 degrees right at the beginning. That led to a lot of cramping/stretching/injuries. GWB went down to one sub for most of the game after a few injuries.

The first 10-15 minutes were owned by GWB. They had us on our heels and were applying some intense pressure. Their goal came on a great pass and an even better shot. The GWB striker had the ball about 25 yards out, and I had another striker about five yards to my right, way outside (and too far from me). The pass was perfect, between myself and our sweeper, and it slowed down just enough so that our keeper couldn't come out all the way to play it. The striker took a few touches and then placed it far side. 1-0 GWB on a pretty play (and I played the part of a fantastic statue...). The rest of the half was about even as far as chances went, maybe a little in our favor. We had some nice shots towards net, most missed the mark, and the others were grabbed by the keeper.

The second half was a different story. We applied a great amount of pressure which lead to our first, and only, goal. Nate had the ball wide and cut into the 18, on a great individual play. He attempted a cross that hit a GWB defender in the hand. Nothing the ref could do but call a PK. Nate drilled it down the center, 1-1. Then GWB got a little unlucky. One of their players, who had been leaning into our players all game, received a yellow card for basically an open ice check. A few minutes later, that same player took the feet out from under one of our midfielders on a bad play. Second yellow - red. Now GWB was playing down for at least 25 minutes. We tried our best, and had some really good looks at taking the lead, but nothing worked for us. Credit to GWB for hunkering down and playing some tough D down the stretch. 1-1 draw. Good luck to GWB the rest of the way. Good bunch of guys, and very tough to play against (they just need numbers to show up, as do we).

We need to show up early next week and work on our shooting, or go and see a shrink to get this finishing business out of our heads. Maybe we should just start with finishing our beer next time...

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