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Rangers 2 Wolfpack 1

Post  Pszafranek on Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:16 am

Kick Off was at 6 pm at Sahlens where I thought the game might get postponed due to early rainstorm with thunder in the distance, but it stopped right around kick off and turned into a beautiful night.  I'd say both sides started with around 16 or so this evening so subs weren't much of an issue although we were missing one of our starting centerbacks, Jimmy Nesper.

We started the match with most of the possession with wolfpack getting most of their scoring chances this evening on counters, mixed with little spells of possession throughout the game.  I'd say possession was probably in our favor with around 60-65% but the scoring chances were honestly pretty similar with both keepers making great saves.  Our first goal probably came around the 20-25 minute mark we had some nice passing to get Jackson Hamilton right around the edge of the box where their center back and him collided but the ball found an unmarked Felipe around the PK spot who made no mistake in finding the back of the net.  I believe their centerback was injured on this play but I could be mistaken, but I didn't see him the rest of the game. So if that's the case I hope he ends up ok.  After this goal Wolfpack had a great scoring chance where Robbie Weigand made an amazing point blank reactionary save.  He made a couple great saves today which I'm sure wolfpack would agree with. Nothing really more came of this half after that.

The second half started and we knew we needed to get another goal because they were finding great scoring opportunities off of their counters. Honestly this game probably could have ended up with around 5 goals a team if the goaltending this match wasn't as good as it was.  Second half was much the same as the first with us controlling probably 60% again.  Our second goal came from Jackson Hamilton sending Dom Parisi into the corner we he dribbled the endline passed 2 or 3 Wolfpack defenders and slotted it home.  Dom gets on the score sheet yet again this year, having a goal for us in every game he played in except the Bantu game where he was injured in the first 15 minutes.  Hats off to him.  I'd say another 20 minutes go by where we won a corner kick and Jackson played a ball in that found me standing in front of the keeper that found the back of the net but was called off, and I'm not quite sure why.  Apparently I pushed the goal keeper when my back was to him somehow.  If it was a closer game with more time left to play I think I would have been more upset but we only had probably 10 left to play with a 2 goal lead.  Shortly after this Wolfpack found the back of the net to make it 2-1.  A goal we didn't want to give up, but honestly they deserved one today with some of the amazing goalkeeping from Robbie.  With about 5 left to play we just played balls to the corner and possessed the game out.  The final whistle blew and we find ourselves with another 3 points against a Top 6 team.  

A good clean game from Wolfpack, and good luck to them the rest of the way.


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