Polonia 3 Rangers 2

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Polonia 3 Rangers 2

Post  Pszafranek on Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:44 am

We show up to Sahlens where the sun in shining nicely but extremely strong winds this evening. The pitch was rock solid, but at least the grass was cut. We showed up with 17 I believe and Polonia I believe started the game with 16(but no players passes), so technically they should have to forfeit but that's not my call. Not an excuse as to why we lost by any means but...

This was an extremely frustrating game for me so the recap may not be spot on, but the first half started with what I believe was us controlling a decent amount of possession. The first 10-20 minutes I believe we played well stringing together a couple nice passes and getting into their end quite frequently and easily. Polonia had a couple of extremely good chances through out tho with their counters that Robbie came up big on. Not quite sure what was going on with us today but our communication in the back and midfield was non existent. We had numerous chances in the first 20 or so minutes with probably 5 or 6 corners that we couldn't capitalize on, whether it be hitting the crossbar or pushing it just wide of the net, but we couldn't buy a goal in the first half. As the half progressed we decided to completely ignore easy passes for unknown reasons and neglect the middle of the field where there would be at least 2 or 3 wide open players everytime yelling for the ball. We instead decided to play long balls out of the back which weren't bad balls but they weren't the smart balls. When doing this we would all start to press extremely high and get caught on counters. Just hurting ourselves. Towards the end of the half Polonia tried sending one of their strikers in on a ball that Robbie called out to clear so our defender let the ball go. The ball took a big bounce off the the rock solid field and Robbie swung and missed the clearance where the ball rolled into the net. Extremely unlucky and required zero skill from Polonia, but a goal is a goal. Shortly after this the half came.

Starting the second half we continued to out possess Polonia I'd say 60-40 but yet we still weren't playing smart and Polonia had their counters. I'd say about 5 minutes into this half we played a ball into the box where Dom Parisi gained control of the ball but was taken down in the box and a PK was awarded. Not much complaining about the call which I'd say may have been one of the only correct calls Ian made that entire game. Ian is a great guy but I'd say this is one of the worst ref performances I've seen in a while. Anyways Dom steps up to the mark at buries it, 1-1. After this play went back and forth with us still making dumb mistakes but it happens from time to time. I believe around the 60-65 minute mark Polonia earned a corner. The corner was taken, mind you an awful floating corner that landed around the 3 yard line, but the sun from that side of the field was ridiculous and I'm almost positive every player lost site of that including Robbie who in any other instance would have easily been able to grab. Any ways the ball fell to a Polonia player who easily knocked it in. 2 lucky goals, but goals are goals. They def had other chances tho that weren't luck so I'm not trying to sound like they didn't have a couple solid looks and take away from them, but the 2 that found the back of the net were dumb and shouldn't have been goals. Anyways as time goes on we start to press to get the tying goal where Polonia countered nicely and had a 3 on 3 or 3 on 2 and slid the ball to an open player in the middle who found a winger wide open who finished nicely. Solid goal. Around the 85th minute I'd say we found our second goal from Dom. 3-2. We had a late rush to try and salvage a point from this bad game and earned a free kick around 20 out on the right side. A solid ball played in was headed up by a defender then a little frantic play to either find the net from us or clear the ball from them, they won that and cleared the ball out. Final whistle blew. We beat ourselves this game. We'll regroup and hopefully come out strong against Number 1 seed Southtowns next week. Good game to Polonia and good luck the rest of the way.


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Re: Polonia 3 Rangers 2

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:04 pm

We could've had 7 goals this game--I'm talking legitimately good opportunities from very close range. That's saying something for a team that had 4 coming into the game (referring to us, of course). No offense to fellow poker player Alex, but we were countering way too easily. This is what I saw from you guys all winter, and I was wondering how you managed to fix it through your first five outdoor games. Well, if you had fixed it for those five, you regressed yesterday.

Much as you might want to complain over Ian, how many calls/non-calls do you think were wrong--four, at most? I'm no great Ian fan myself, but you did get a PK (which, while admittedly being the correct call, is often a call you're not going to get).

Frankly, the margin probably deserved to be wider yesterday. Saying you beat yourselves is a bit of an insult. We were still missing a couple key players yesterday. But then, you guys have been without your best player (sorry Dom, but that would be Schamber) all session.

Our second goal came off not a corner but a trademark Todd Piotrowski flip throw-in, which caught your goalkeeper by surprise as he misplayed the flight of the ball like an outfielder losing a pop fly in the sunshine. I had subbed off for that portion of the game, so I was able to see how severely he misjudged that one.

Good game and good luck

Matt Marcin...z

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