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Pardon my recap absence last week, I was in no state of mind to discuss the debacle that was our game vs Celtic United.

But I am back this week and ready to give you a thrilling recap of a less than thrilling game. We entered this one with a new look formation, opting to protect our goal rather than being so offensive minded.

We started and finished the game with 12 while SOHO had probably 18. It seemed like every 15 minutes they would call a complete line change. Line 1 was their older, more experienced players, while line 2 was the young guns.

SOHO won the coin toss, rather, I lost the coin toss. I called tails, it was my mistake. They elected to switch sides and take the wind at their backs in the first half. It was a smart move, but I will get back to that later.

15-20 minutes into the first half Kyle Clifford took a beastly run with the ball, driving through the defense, collecting the scramble, and placed a nicely hit ball with the outside of his right foot that beat Ski to his right just inside the post.

1-0 BUSS

With about 10 to go in the half Parker Shetler was taken down on the very edge of the box to earn us a PK. Clifford stepped up with confidence but Ski guessed right, to his right, and was able to stop the ball. The rebound bounced out about two feet but he was able to keep a handle on it before Kyle could get to it.

SOHO had a few decent chances in the first half, none of which were able to beat Daddario, who was solid again for us. One such chance came off a Teidt header that hit the cross bar. We were lucky to escape that one.

The half ended 1-0.

5 minutes into the second half, Clifford received a pass a few yards past midfield, turned well and split the defense. He walked in alone on Ski and botched the placement of the ball, missing the net to his right. I'm sure he would love to have that one back. We had a few more solid scoring chances in the second half but were unable to increase our lead.

Both of SOHO's goals were kind of flukey, if that is a word. The first goal came off a set piece of some kind. We escaped the initial rush, and the second ball in, but we were unable to clear and the Ordonez hit a rocket from the bench side that was about two feet off the ground. We had yet to clear out off the line and the ball found Teidt standing by himself in front of Matt. Teidt got the outside of his foot on the ball, changing the direction, and off Matt's gloves and into the net.


Remember when I said that the wind would come in as a factor. Well with about 10 left in the game, a SOHO player sent a switching ball over our back line. It seemed like it would be a routine play for Daddario, but the wind killed it in the air and made him change his mind from catching it on the edge of the 18 to trying to clear it out of danger. Unfortunately, in that split second he must have lost track of the ball because when he tried to clear it he missed. Mangano, who we held in check all game collected the ball and casually waltzed it over the line.

2-1 SOHO

As hard as we tried, we were unable to find the net to equalize in the last few minutes of the game.

This was our best game of the season so far. I think its fair to say that both teams would agree we deserved at least a point out of the game. Our season has been in shambles so far. Lack of heart, miscommunication, and attendance issues have plagued us. But this game was helpful to get a bit of our confidence back. It sucks that we play Sharpshooters on Thursday, and BSC Raiders on Sunday to follow up this effort. Hopefully we can continue our decent form from Sunday and pull out a few upsets.

Man of the match goes to Kyle Clifford, followed very closely by Jeff Panik. Both players were fantastic for us yesterday.


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