Devils 4 - Stonejug 2

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Devils 4 - Stonejug 2

Post  cdubbz731 on Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:39 am

Devils showed with 15,
Stonejug 14-15.
Took a nice ride out to the lake Sunday for a 6pm start, decent weather, decent wind.
Devils got on the board early with a nice pass from Adam Meyer to a streaking Matt chase who was able to beat the last defender and slide the ball far post 1-0, maybe 10 mins in.
Devils had plenty of opportunities throughout the first half, with 15 to play, Matt chase hit John Nowak who made a good move pushing the ball passed the last defender, ran around him and shot far post , side netting 2-0 Devils.
The new offsides rule came into play as Stonejug captain argued that the defender played the ball with a  Devils player offsides which negated the offsides, Stonejug wasn't happy. We didn't score on the play but Stonejug kept arguing the fact. Minutes later another "offsides" call negated a goal off a rebound... Head ref tried to explain the new offsides rule to both teams and got flustered and couldn't. He had no clue lol. He said he would inform us of the new rule at halftime. Either way he was wrong with trying to explain "any rebound off the goalie is an offsides play"..... felt like I was just drugged when I heard that bc it made zero sense and he couldn't explain himself for the life of me. oh well 2-0 Devils . Halftime.

Stonejug was able to get on the board via a bad giveaway (again, I feel I write this every week). One of their younger players made a beautiful turn and beat 2 defenders about 16 yards out. 2-1 Devils.
Devils were able to counter 1-2 minutes later with a nice cross from S. Bindemann who found an open Shawn powers who headed it off the post then headed it in the back of the net. 3-1 Devils.
5-6 minutes remaining their Yao Ming striker (I say that bc he's like 7 feet tall) walked the endline and was able to slide one past Richie Weiand for 3-2 Devils.

3-4 minutes, free kick Devils near half, where Mike Wzontek played the ball to 16 yards out. Chris Wzontek headed it to Adam Meyer who put a right foot volley around 12 yards out for a 4-2 lead.
Score would stay that way, Best of luck to Stonejug rest of season.


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Re: Devils 4 - Stonejug 2

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:17 pm

Wzontek still writing the most consistently entertaining recaps on here...this guy better have a spot on the 2016 all-message board team

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