QUEENSTON FC 5, Polonia 0

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QUEENSTON FC 5, Polonia 0 Empty QUEENSTON FC 5, Polonia 0

Post  Raider9726 on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:01 am

Tonight's second round clash took place up at our old stomping grounds in Youngstown, Veteran's Park "Pierce" field, which I have never previously referenced, but I'm now forced to do so considering our current home field name.  Anyway, a gorgeous evening for some ball on a not so gorgeous pitch.  It is a step up from Fort Niagara though, so there's that...

Polonia, dressed in their traditional white with red trim, had 14 available players this evening, while Queenston decked out in the neon on neon look, had 16 players rotating.  Jake Rougeux was there as manager, and let's just say he's likely to retain his job if he's forced to sit any longer while Frank Cotroneo has been sacked due to his inability to keep our lead and man advantage in tact after Sunday's debacle.  Troy Brady a late scratch.

The game got underway and there's nothing particularly interesting to point out from the first half.  Nothing leaps out at me I guess.  We held most of the possession and most of the chances, as a significant chunk of the game activity was taking place in our offensive half, but Polonia did have some counters, some more dangerous than others.  I think we got on the board probably halfway through the first half after Suitor laid off a ball to Max Braun, who finished with some power.  1-0 lead would be taken to the break, but we thought we should have buried another goal or two.

Second half didn't seem to be too much different than the first half, but the only difference was, we found the back of the net on more of our opportunities.  Our second goal came from a diagonal ball I played back into Ross Suitor, who finished from maybe 22' out which had some zip on it but to be honest I was slightly surprised it wasn't saved.  The thought though at this point, maybe 55' in, was that we probably should be up 2-0 anyway, all things fair.

This is when the floodgates began to open up a bit.  Suitor got taken down slightly outside the box on the left hand side, and it was Eric Albrecht's turn to open up his account.  He stood over the ball, struck it over the wall and beat the keeper near post.  3-0 Parliament.

Albrecht wasn't finished racking up some stats, as he was the facilitator of our fourth goal, finding Max Braun in front of the net who headed it under the keeper's feet/outstretched arms (I think? - definitely down the middle of the net).  This was after a flurry of corrner kicks and some dangerous moments.

Meanwhile, the game had opened up as well on the other end: Polonia had a few odd man rushes that were either denied late by our defense or denied by Netter (some really close calls actually), or pushed wide or high by the Polonia attacking men.  At times, Polonia were subject to some tough offsides calls: maybe 80% were called correctly tonight but I do have to add, it feels like it was called 50 times tonight.  So maybe 8 of those disrupted Polonia offensive threats while we were on the unfortunate end only a handful of times.

The fifth goal came from a cross from Ross Suitor, who was involved with basically everything again.  He found Andrew Donner in the middle of the box and he curled it low into the side netting.  Suitor was having his way this evening; he's a tough guy to defend, and that's why he got our MOTM tonight.  1 goal and 3 assists from the lad.

5-0 would be the final tonight, good enough for a 3rd clean sheet from manager John Netter. Looks like we're getting Celtic United in the sweet 16, which will be a rematch of last year's elite 8 tilt that was played at Ellicott Creek Park, only this year we play hosts.  Polonia played hard from minute 1 to minute 90 and we respect that.  Good group of guys.  We hope they push for a playoff spot in the Championship division this season.

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QUEENSTON FC 5, Polonia 0 Empty Re: QUEENSTON FC 5, Polonia 0

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:43 am

2nd goal was deflected--that's why it wasn't saved.  Because yeah, otherwise, it would've been a shot directly down the middle, heh (post-deflection, I mean).  3rd goal went right over Mo's head--might not have been the best idea to have him in the wall

I'm just glad I was able to play 90 after having played Tuesday and Wednesday--not used to daily soccer like this.  I was cramping for most of the second half, but...could've been worse.  I thought I played well for the first 80 minutes.  Derek said he wasn't 100% for this one (although he could've fooled me), and George clearly wasn't (this being his first game back from injury after missing a couple).  Suitor had a lot of the ball, but he didn't win enough 1v1 battles to justify the 'had his way in this one', in my opinion.  I actually thought he was going to be quicker than he showed today--guess I was overly impressed by his showing in the Alliance game last season

Good game to the Queenstonians (and thanks for the kind words at the end of the post there)

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